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The other day we had a surprising thing happen, I was at the lake house with my kids and my nanny, My nanny is 25, Short, Blonde and very attractive, I hadn't seen her in her bathing suit before just due to timing it never worked out that we were at the lake at the same time, It was always either her or I who had taken the kids but never together. You can imagine my surprise when she came out in a very skimpy top and jean shorts, She peeled off her jean shorts like it was nothing and holy moly, She had on a thong bottom, Not ** floss but close.
Emma has a rockstar body, Flat stomach, Great little **, Small, firm ** and nice legs, I have to admit that it was tough to keep my eyes off her throughout the day and there were many instances where she showed a little more than she maybe planned, I hadn't said anything to her if she had a nip half showing or one lip slipping out but then my GF showed up and while she was slightly caught off guard by my nannies attire she settled in. My GF is Bi and likes girls but always said anywhere under 30 would be too young as she is 37 but at one point we were sitting next to each other, The nanny was playing in the water with the kids and then came out dripping wet, walked up and grabbed her towel, Wiped off and turned to face the lake then wrapped her towel around herself and walked away.
My GF looked at me and said "I think I just got a little wet" and giggled, I said "******...Geez", She laughed and grabbed my ** and said "Oh ya, Because you're not hard", We both laughed and carried on with the day, The afternoon sun was fading to evening and the kids hadn't come out of the water for more than 5 minutes, Emma was sitting on a bench at the fire pit watching them with her back to us and her ** hanging over the edge of the fire pit, My Gf looked at me and raised her eyebrows then motioned toward Emma, I looked and then turned to her and mouthed "OH MY GOD".
Emma was just sitting like noting was going on but her bottom was pulled to the side just enough that her ** hole was visible, My GF said "Go say something", I said "No frickin way" and she scoffed than stood up and walked over to her, She was only about 6 feet from us and my GF sat down beside her, Leaned over and said something. Emma slid her hand back and touched her ** hole, Hahah, She jumped a little and then stood up and fixed her bottoms. The two of them giggled a little and my GF came back, She whispered "well, She knows you seen her ** hole", I blushed and my GF laughed.
As evening wore on Emma changed into a jumper and jumpers are not great at hiding anything, We seen her ** multiple times when she leaned forward or reached for something and then she was sitting cross legged talking to my Gf after the kids were in bed, My GF texted me and said "walk by and look at Emma...You know where to look", I stood up to go get another drink and looked down, Her leg of her jumper allowed me a full look up the leg and I could see her **, Tiny, Pink, Just a little patch of blonde hair. I texted my Gf and said "Holy, You are getting quite a show", I brought back a round of drinks and my Gf texted me after I took another look and then sat down and said "You should go for a walk to...I dunno...Check the lake???", I texted back "Ummm...Ok" and made my announcement then left.
I left and went for a walk and after about 20 minutes I got "Come back quietly and look into the bedroom", I walked across the grass as quiet as I could and instantly heard giggling, I sneaked up to the bedroom window which was open and listened until I heard Emma say "Oh I don't know...Oh gaaawd...Ok ya do that" I looked in and my GF had Emma laid back on the bed, Her jumper completely off and laying on the floor and was on her knees between Emmas which were hanging off the bed. I had only known for a fact about 1 times my GF had been with another woman and maybe 10 that it was the plan when she left the house but I couldn't say 100% and many times before we were together so to actually see it in real life was amazing.
After maybe a minute of me watching she must have figured I would be at the window, She reached one hand behind her back and motioned with one ** for me to come in.
My heart started to race and I wasn't sure what to do but I sneaked into the house and up to the bedroom door, I could hear lots of heavy breathing and some moaning and then I grabbed the door ** and turned it then opened the door, My GF looked up, Emma panicked and said "Oh **, Oh **, Oh **", My Gf looked at Emma as she covered her ** with one arm and her ** with her other hand, My Gf said "Oh...Uh...Hi hun", Emma looked at me then at my Gf and I said "Oh, Hi, Don't stop on my account" but Emma was in panic mode, My Gf crawled on top of her and kissed her, They whispered a little and my GF nodded then looked at me and said "Sit in the chair honey" I did and they went full on, Over the next 20 minutes I saw more than my imagination could have ever thought up.
I was sitting in the chair and stroking myself with my shorts on the floor, My Gf turned Emma so she could see me, I have always been told I am big and Emma hasn't had any guys that I am aware of since working for me over the past 2 years but Emma looked and swallowed hard then sighed and moaned "Holy **", We all giggled a little and my Gf turned her more, Laid her face down so she was facing me and lifted her hips, My Gf got on her knees on the floor behind Emma and she had her elbows on the bed, Her hands hanging off the edge, Back arched and I watched her face as my GF started licking her, I moved my chair so I was sitting right in front of her and she was moaning and watching me, My GF rubbed her and looked at me, She winked and nodded her head so I slid my chair closer, Emma put her upper body on the bed and reached her hands out, I took her wrists and put her hands on my **, Emma moaned "mmmmm...Mmmhhhmmm" and started stroking me, I slid my chair right up so it was against the bed, Put my legs on the bed one on each side of Emma and she lifted her head, Looked at my ** and started sucking it, I held her blonde hair as I watched her pretty face while she sucked me.
My Gf stood up, Spun Emma around on the bed and sat in front of her with her legs spread, I knelt behind Emma and she was dripping wet from my Gf, Emma put her head on my Gf's pelvis as I rubbed my ** against her and then as I slid the tip in she moaned "Ooooohhhh shiiiit, Gentle", Emma was o tight, I never did get it all in but eventually I watched my GF hold Emma's while Emma licked her, I didn't last super long but came inside her, Emma looked back briefly but kept going and then my second load I pulled out and came in my Gf's mouth while she held Emma's hair letting her watch.
I went back to my chair after and watched for a while longer as they finished each other and then my Gf said "Give us a few minutes" while they cuddled, After a bit I heard Emma's door close and my Gf texted me "Come to bed".
I slid in bed beside her and we cuddled and talked, She told me Emma says she 100% good with everything that happened but needs time to think about it before deciding how our relationship looks going forward. Hopefully I didn't ** it up and she quits on me, A good nanny is hard to find but one who let's you ** her while she eats out your GF is almost impossible.

Jan 24

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