Did it happen?

Every summer my family does a large gathering, We rent beach front cabins at the same lake every August, It will be coming up soon and after last year I don't know what to do, Last summer I stayed with my older sister and her husband but I had an...Experience which left me feeling...Well...I don't know how it left me feeling.
We had spent the day on the beach and rented some kayaks and done some paddling around, Had a fire and sat around drinking, Eventually the kids went and were put in bed in mom and dad's cabin and we maybe had more than a few drinks. I stumbled off to bed and my boyfriend stayed up with my sisters husband and a couple of my uncles and cousins etc.
I was sleeping in my bed and felt what I had thought was my boyfriend running his hands over my legs, As per usual I am not ever against getting some when I have been drinking, I laid there enjoying the feeling of his hands running over my body as he worked his way up my thighs and slipped a finger inside my underwear, Soon I was having a quite enjoyable encounter and he had his hand under my pelvis, Found my...Button with his thumb and since he usually doesn't focus on me for long I just laid there enjoying the attention.
Next my underwear were slowly removed and I thought about rolling over but knew that would lead to me having to do oral which is always how it started and to be honest I don't mind but I figured he was doing a good job as it was and not pushing for it to be his turn so I just stayed like that, I felt the covers slide off and since it was already hot as F in that cabin I didn't mind. A few kisses up my legs and I could feel his...You know what rubbing my feet and legs as he worked his way up and down my legs, I brought my right knee up giving him a little better access to my nether region and soon felt his soft tongue flick my lips.
Well...Needless to say I was getting pretty worked up by this point and I actually thought to myself "You know what...Maybe he will just do me like this for a change", A couple more flicks and then I felt a long, Slow, Wet lick the full length of my vajay jay and then again and again, I hugged my pillow and just stayed right there, There was no way you could have gotten me to move at that point, A tornado could have ripped the roof off the cabin and I would have stayed right there is he kept going.
He was doing it all right, Long, Slow licks, Sliding his tongue in and out of me, One hand slid up to play with my nip and the other massaging my button, Everything was going great and then he started to tease me, He would flick that sensitive little area, Girls, You know the one, Right between the two...Um...Holes. Keep in mind I had not had that done before so I was nervous about it but I had indulged a bit more than usual on the beverages but was still trying to keep him focused on me, Not him, So I let him keep going.
As he continued he started to focus more on that area and then slowly and sensually licked up the inside of my but cheek and in my head I was like "Oh...Um...I...Don't" then up the other side and in my head I was like "Eeek...I'm not sure...Uh..." and then it happened and he flicked the (Off limits hole) with his tongue and again...In my head I was like "Oh...No...I don't like...OH WOW", I was all in, His thumb went from rubbing my button to sliding in me which I was initially disappointed with but he found my elusive G-spot and I was gone, One hand pinching my nip and the other working something I have never had luck with successfully or repeatedly finding and his face buried in me from behind, I could feel his tip rubbing on my foot and my foot was actually wet from pre***.
I was off in lalaland and I had my back arched, But up in the air like a dog begging for more, I was trying to control my breathing but couldn't, I was hugging my pillow so tight that I am surprised it didn't explode and send feathers everywhere, try as I might I couldn't hold out, I let out a moan biting my pillow to keep quiet and I had an O like never before in all my 24 years, It felt like all the breath left my body as I convulsed and came all over his hand and the bed leaving the biggest wet spot ever, It was perfect, He knew just when to stop and not make me push him away but just a couple soft kisses and one soft lick which must have been wet and sloppy and then I was able to just revel in my O, I laid there soaking in the amazing feeling and didn't even care I was laying in the wet spot.
When I did attempt to move my body was just limp and weak, I rolled over and I sighed "Oh baby, WTF was that" then looked around and...No one was there, Instant confusion, Instant panic, The door to my room was open and right away I was like "Uuuuhhhh...Where did he go...And why did he leave the door open when I'm naked". I thought maybe he went to the bathroom so I waited but he never came back, I laid there listening and other than snoring the cabin was quiet, No one was moving, Nothing. I got some pants and a shirt on and went to the living room, My boyfriend was passed out in the recliner, My cousin and her husband were on the one couch, My other cousin on the floor, My one sister and her husband in the bedroom across from mine, My other sister and her husband were in the loft bedroom and everyone was asleep.
I went back to my room and changed the sheets with the spares from the closet and went back to wake my boyfriend...He was out, Not even responding to me, I left him there and went back to my room, I sat on the edge of my bed for a long time evaluating what had happened, I was positive it was my boyfriend and he must have went back to the chair and passed out but the next morning everyone had a bit of a chuckle at him because he was still sitting in the same position that they had left him in and he still had a can of beer between his legs, I never contemplated the idea that it wasn't him until we went home and I pushed for a replay, I asked, I hinted, I tried to guide him but he was not having any part of it and eventually he told me "Not happening, That's F'ING gross" and when he said that I paused, Thought for a minute and started questioning him about that night.
He told me he had passed out in the recliner and never moved, He told me he never got up once, Never budged from his spot and I pressed him hard for information and that was when I realized...I wasn't with him, He had no idea where my G-spot was, Never even bother looking for my button, He is not a b*** guy and I dont honestly ever remeber him focusing on my nips, He had no interest in finishing me and not him, He would have never went for the...Off limits hole and he NEVER wakes up when he is drinking.
We eventually broke up and I never told him what happened but...What did happen, Ok...One thing I know for sure is that it did happen, Impossible for it to have not happened, I have never dreamed anything like that before or since and it was all real, That I know for a fact.
Now...There are a few possibilities here.
1) My, then boyfriend which I am sure now it was not.
2) My cousin who was on the floor. (GAG!!!!) No way.
3) My other cousins husband but they were spooning with him behind her.
4) One of my sisters husbands...No...Could it have been.
Regardless I ended up feeling...I don't know how to describe it, Both of my sisters husbands are really nice guys, Neither has ever made me feel uncomfortable or ever been in any way creepy or inappropriate and both treat me great but something happened and I can't figure out who it was so now do I share a cabin with my sister again or do I stay with mom and dad, I think mom and dad are going to need a cabin with a spare room for me this year.

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  • I think you want us to say go back for seconds. You explained how you really enjoyed it. You know who it was and you know you wanted it. You can’t write this up and tell us you’ve never caught anyone of them constantly checking you out.
    You sound pretty easy so go f*** someone who isn’t in the family

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