Reliving the old days.

My husband and his best friend Mike have been friends forever, They went to high school together, Went to college together and until we moved away 19 years ago they hung out quite a bit. 3 months ago we attended my husbands 25 year high school reunion and relived a night from college.
I met my husband in college and Mike was around right from day 1 and has always been one of my husbands friends who I got along with, In my 3rd and final year of college I decided to have one big "College experience" since we would both be done school that year and heading off to our real lives, My husband and I were having a party at his dorm and my husband and I were walked in on by Mike which wasn't completely uncommon, It had happened a few times but this time knowing that my husband was down or at least he said he would be, When Mike walked in and said "Oh s***" and went to leave I quickly told him to stay, My husband sat up, Looked at me wide eyed and smiled and it was on, We had a fun night and afterward nothing was said about it, No awkwardness or anything and for the last 22 years nothing was said about it.
Now I am 43 and have had 3 kids but do my best to stay in shape, Eat healthy, Walk a lot and go to the gym when possible, We had tried to meet up with Mike the night before the reunion but his flight got in late and it just didn't work out but the next morning we went for breakfast and he showed up, It was great to see them together just like nothing had changed, We went to the reunion and met up with a lot of people we hadn't seen in years and of course everyone got pretty drunk. We had gone back to one couples house who still lived in the town we went to college in and had a few drinks there then my husband and I left, Mike had stayed since he was visiting...AKA flirting with an old college flame and when we got back to the hotel my husband and I went out to the patio and were fooling around as we discussed everyone from the reunion and how they had changed, We were just going to head into the room when Mike texted and asked if we were still up, My husband invited him to our room and the three of us sat on our patio.
I don't remember what led up to it but it was some comment about how some things never change as we discussed one girl who was always the drunk girl in college and was the one at the after party who had obviously had too much too drink and had to be escorted out by her husband after almost falling off the deck but Mike commented "Well...Some things change" as he motioned toward my chest, In college I was small chested with not great b******, They were small, One larger than the other and not real firm. Totally not my best asset and after 3 kids I was unhappy enough with the way they looked that 3 years ago I had them done, I went for a considerable upsize and now i love the way I look.
I was sitting on my husbands lap and my husband and I both laughed as my husband cupped them and jiggled them as I said something about the price being the best money I had ever spent, My husband said something about showing them to Mike and I just said "No", Since that night in college only my husband and my best friend have seen me topless and I got nervous as my husband urged me to show them to Mike, I was trying to play coy but I really did want to show them to Mike and when My husband unzipped my dress I held the front so it didn't fall down as Mike just sat staring in quiet anticipation.
I grabbed the top of my dress and started to fold it down and as I did it got real quiet with no one saying a word, I went for it and pulled it to my waist, Mike stared and my husband and I both stared at Mike as we waited for his response, Mike stared and bit his bottom lip before looking up at me saying "Words can't even describe how perfect those are", My husband said "Right?", I said "Oh stop" and Mike said "No...For real...Your surgeon should receive an award or something for those". There wasn't much said but my husband offered to let him touch and I didn't protest and soon we were all in bed again.
We had a great night...Well, a great hour or so...Like real great and I got off twice which probably hasn't happened in 15 years or so and they both enjoyed themselves more than once I believe and afterward Mike left, My husband and I had a shower and a second round in the shower then spent all night cuddling which hasn't happened in a long time. The next morning I was obviously nervous when we met Mike for breakfast again but it was just super casual and nothing was said other than my husband told me later that Mike had asked him when they were alone if everything was cool and my husband told him it was. We said our goodbyes and hugged and went our separate ways heading home.
It has been 3 months like I said and everything is just...Normal, If anything I feel like my husband and I are closer and more into each other now than before, Just more kisses, Hand holding and touching as we pass each other, He hasn't said anything about it since the trip home when we agreed that it was never to be talked about with anyone but he is definitely not upset about it and I feel that over all it was a good thing for our relationship. I did go through his messages with Mike and unless something was deleted which there don't seem to be any weird transitions in the conversation but they haven't discussed it either.
And NO it is not going to become a regular thing so keep all of your piggish comments to your selves.

Jun 6, 2019

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  • Awesome. It's nice to have a good friend like that. All three of you are fortunate.

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