Wants to try it

Ive been getting naughty thoughts about having a dog lick and f**k me. I kinda mentioned it to my husband who didnt really respond but i have seen post/sites on his phone about it. He looked it up but hasnt said anything since ive come out and told him. Wanna try but i gotta find a dog that will be into it and make sure my husband is gonna be ok with it and not think I'm gross or sick and perverted and end up leaving me

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  • Your husband is a lucky man. I'm sure be able to bring him around to the idea. Be patient good luck

  • Where do I meet girls like you

  • I think we are out there, we just dont come out about it because we dont want anyone thinking bad about us.

  • Do you still get on here

  • I am into it for more than 10 yrs now. My vet recommended a lab dog. He is now trained to f***. Start with him lapping your p****, let him get familiarized with you body/p**** smell. He will mount you intuitively at some stage. Don't get afraid of getting knotted since your p**** is very flexible and when he would come inside you it will all the more be slippery to slip out his knot.

  • Dogs are great for oral s**.Get some smooth peanut butter or honey and rub it into your v*****. Your dog will love it and so will you.

  • Whipped cream is better. siting on low sofa, stroke his c*** slowly while he laps off the cream out of your spread out p**** slit leading to your initial climax. If gets hard, draw his c*** nearer to your crotch area so that the c*** touches your p****. Once his c*** touches the entry to your p****, he will start acting on his own and would love to push his c*** in. Just don't panic, be cool and let him what he intends to do!!

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