The Crazy House

Our home has become a crazy house. I work six days a week managing a large auto dealership. So I'm up and going from 9 am to about 10 - 10:30 pm at night. I usually don't take off not even if I have a cold. We do take family vacations every year for two weeks. Last year we went to Alaska. My wife and I have four children. She is their mother and I'm their father. We started young having children when I was 26 and she was 23. I am now 43 and she is 40. It seems my wife can't manage or has just given up. You can kind of tell the fire has gone out from her.

I hired a woman to come in and help with the household chores, cooking, and with the children also. In the last six months two of the women I hired quit. They told me that the children just go from one room to another and make messes and Tammy does nothing to control them. The current woman just gave me notice but told me she would stay on if I raised her salary to $475.00 a week. She also sighted the same issues. The housekeeper told me she watched Tammy just on looking as two of the children were engaged in a physical altercation to which she broke up and sent them to each of their rooms.

The housekeeper suggested that Tammy has either had a break down or is well on the way to one. Tammy's mother came in to help out with trying to get the children to behave. That lasted one day with her mother saying she didn't have time for it and was missing her bridge party. My mother has come in to help out with the children in the meantime. She observed that there seems to be some sort of disconnect with Tammy and daily life. If you ask her a question she stares into space and after several attempts she will look at you and say, " can I help you?"

Last month she totaled a new vehicle on the way to pick the children up from school. She ran a red light not paying attention. Currently she is not driving until we find out what is going on with her. My mother is staying with us now to try and get some order back into the house. I don't want to commit her but don't know what else to do. The children are responding to supervision from an adult who makes them do what they are supposed to do. They also listen to me when I get home. But with my hours they were just running wild with Tammy sitting in our room watching the television for hours on end.

Tammy has not been herself in many months. I think she started sliding down this road about a year ago and it just got worse little by little. I fear that I will have to do something drastic like have her committed to a psychiatric hospital and soon. I have talked to her mother who doesn't seem to care about anything other than her own little world of bridge and social function she attends.


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  • Most people shouldn't breed, we have plenty of nonfunctioning melts already, people who have more than 2 are sick in the head right off

  • Yes try therapy. It might just help. Something has made her this way. Was she abused as a child? Need to ask questions. But that is for a mental health professional. As for the person who said thanks for making more possible crazy people, I say STFU or I stab you in the eye with a soldering iron you f****** a******.

  • LOL, yes-- let's leave child rearing to emotionally stable people like you. Oh wait, we already do, which is why the world is full of idiots and crazy people

  • Like you think you are good to bread. Your an a hole and we certainly don't need more of them. They come in many fashions. Just look in our nations capitol. It's full of a holes like you. Every last one of them. From our president to the people who oppose him democrat and republican alike. They are all a*******. You would fit right in with them so why don't you go join them.

  • Breed that is. But you will probably point out my spelling error like a true a****** you are. Now go and breed no more you piece of dog p***.

  • Aw, is the mentally incompetent breeder triggered to the point that it can't spell? Poor baby. *kiss kiss*

  • The internet has dumbed us down. There is very little attempt made at spelling, proper use of punctuation, even basic sentence structure. If you point this out you are likely to be attacked. I wonder how these people ever got a high school diploma. Then I remember no child left behind. Many times when I am reading posts on other sites that are of technical nature I have to stop and try and determine what the author is trying to say. I wonder why they would post something so full of errors. It makes for difficult reading and then I start to question whether or not the author is even qualified in the field they are writing on. Ok that is my rant.

  • Thanks ever so much for shooting four more future nutcases into an already crowded and crazy world. You do know mental issues are often hereditary, right? Enjoy your fabulous legacy.

  • Before committing her try therapy and medication. Way less than what you’re paying your housecleaners.

  • Wow! And I thought my life was bad. Not sure I have any advice for what you are going through though. Your wife seems like her cheese slid off her cracker. Yeah I would have her commited it's for the best. You can't help her yur not a dr so get her to one anyway you can. Goodluck and hope things get worked out for ya.

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