Tammy is a snitch! My boy arrested after Tammy buy some buds and after she leaves about 5 minutes later cops showed up!
Then another time Tammy came to my other boy's house to buy some bud and once again cop shows up and arrested him.
When I first met Tammy she was driving f****** up van! And I have no jobs! Now today I see her drive a lot better a car now and lot better paying job don't tell me she ain't working for the police if you want more information hit me up. Tammy love so much bud and like a fat kid with cake.



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  • Kill yourself to make things right

  • Sorry, two-legged rat thing-- my Trash-to-English translator isn't working.

  • Than don't sell drugs moron

  • Doublepost, shut ur flapping mouth trailerpark trash b****

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