My Unwanted Confessions

21, Male, Straight, Caucasian

1. I am racist against Black Americans.
THEY DO NOT DESERVE ANY RESPECT. American Blacks are lazy ingrates that scream racism if a white person even breathes on them. Never in my life have I been racist up until two years ago, when a black woman told me that I should be put to slavery to "feel how its like to be oppressed". Why? Because I'm male, straight, and white. My ancestors are from north America. THEY FOUGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM. But if they knew that they would be treated like this in the modern day, after going to war for you, they would have joined the opposing side without question. YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME

2. I believe transgenders are unnatural.
I have accepted that people are gay. But transgenders are another thing. Now, this isn't about the Bible, or some religious belief. I am an Atheist. Transgenders are unnatural for the simple reason that they cannot actually change their gender. They are mutilating their bodies FOR NOTHING.
In nature, it is different. We do not have the ability to change our s** organs at will to reproduce with the same s**, because we are not supposed to. We are not frogs, clownfish, or creatures that are meant to do that. Even with surgery, guess what? A man can't have a baby with another man. A woman with a d*** can't have a baby with another woman. That is because you can't change your gender, you can only change what you look like on the outside. It is sad that people like transgenders exist, let alone are praised for destroying their bodies. Truly sad.

3. Women should not be allowed to work laborious jobs.
Men are made to be stronger than women. Men are physically built for lifting, carrying, and for doing manual labor. While they are some exceptions, women are made to be more susceptible to injury. So why are we allowing women to literately break their backs, for jobs that they aren't inheritably capable of doing? I know women want to show up men, and work the same jobs as we do. But PLEASE, use your heads! INJURY, SEVERE OR NOT, ISN'T WORTH THE BRAGGING RIGHTS.

4. Abortions should be legal, unless it is late term.
I'm not saying that they should be free, or paid for by the government. That's only going to raise taxes. But getting an abortion should not be illegal, or frowned upon. ESPECIALLY IF SHE HAS BEEN RAPED.
My only exception is late term abortions. I don't agree with them for many reasons. The primary one being that, at that point, they are a living person. When they are just barely developed at 5-8 weeks, they are nothing but skin and tissue. In late term, they are basically the size of a real baby. They have finished their development, and are ready to come out at any day. Late term abortion is murder.

5. Donald Trump is actually doing a good job in office.
Enough said. If I try to explain myself, people are just going to ignore my reasoning. So I'll leave it as a statement.

6. Sending unsolicited d*** picks to anyone is disgusting.
Do you guys have self control? All I hear from women are how we men are pigs. And you guys are not helping us. Keep your c*** in your pants, and be a normal f****** human being. Unless you are on a p*** site, or unless she is okay with it, there is no excuse. Ya'll just h**** bastards that need to get out of mommy's basement, and get a damn job.

I've said my peace. F*** you all, have a good night


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  • You would not trade your whiteness for millions of dollars, to paraphrase Chris Rock. Imagine walking anywhere and be and "Automatic threat" for the color of your skin.
    As the tranny thing, How does other people lives effect your's? 8.5 million people on this globe, let them be who they want to be. You don't have to deal with them and even if you do, so what? You might do things they might think is 'unnatural'.
    The only thing that you have said was the abortion and the pictures. I will not start in on Trump because I know that people cannot be so blind to think he's good for anything except enriching himself on your dime.

  • >>"I know that people cannot be so blind to think he's good for anything except enriching himself on your dime."

    Don't make the mistake of being as willfully ignorant as the uneducated filth he plays like a violin. The time of "This is not us" or "We're better than this" is long over. There are a lot of us that ARE this stupid, and they make us NOT better than this. If they want to keep their empty little heads in the sand, let 'em. But for the love of dog, don't emulate them!

  • Chris Rock also said "there are black people and there are n******, and I hate n******"

    Im not the OP. I get along with black people, but like Chris Rock I hate n****** the same as I hate white trash. The OP does have a point though. Lot of n****** out there now days who think white people owe them something. What the f*** do we owe you? Reparation? I didn't own any f****** slaves and you were never a f****** slave, so I don't owe you s***.

  • Look around, blacks are now in every movie, commercial and office position.
    She needs to shut up and stop pretending like she is owed anything

  • Getting really tired of brown-washing for the sake of brown-washing. First Hermione was made black because... reasons, and now Ariel, aka the Little Mermaid, is going to be played by a sister. Because blackness. (Lots of people of all shades have beautiful singing voices.) Somebody in Hollywood is working it really REALLY hard for those virtue signaling brownie points.

  • But if a white actor ever played a traditionally black character there would be bloodshed

  • I heard about ariel this morning.
    F****** sickens me😡 ariel is a beautiful pale skinned redhead.
    Not a flat nosed negress.
    And why....because Blackness.
    F*** the blacks who think that the world owes them a living.
    Just accept that certain characters are white, and should played by white actors/actresses.
    And some characters (criminals/baddies/scum/thief's etc) are black, and should be played by black actors.

  • What does she know about slavery? She is just a stupid ignorant n*****!!!!!

  • I'm with you all the way 😊 especially with the trannys. It's not ok

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