My ex husband caught us mid-coitus and had a fight with my new bf

It was saturday afternoon and my new boyfriend (31) and I (30) were on the couch at my place having s**. It was about 1 or 2 pm, and we weren't expecting my ex husband (32) with my son (8) until 6 pm. He was supposed to spend the whole day with him, at a karate competition both were taking part in, in different levels of course (my ex husband is a black belt). However at around 1 or 2 pm the door ringed, we didn't open because we thought it would be some religious preachers or whatever. it was my ex husband. He went to the rear and opened the door because he still had the key (he still owns 50% the house). He didn't have the child with him, he only wanted to pick up some clothes for our son. Both went to the competition dressed with the kimono, but the competition was cancelled, and my ex husband left the child by her mon while fetching some clothes.

We didn't hear him enter, so he basically caught us mid-coitus. As I saw him I was totally embarassed, because I had been screaming like a girl. In seeing us he got completely p*****-off, and said that our son could have seen us. My ex-husband has never really liked my boyfriend, and he has always thought that he was my lover when we were married. My boyfriend then rose still naked and with a visible b****, and tried to be the man of the situation, saying to my ex that I was free to do whatever I wanted at my house, and trying to walk him to the door. My ex started to be seriously mad at that. He said that he could not dare to tell him what o do at his home. Immediately the altercation escaleted and got physical. My bf didn't stand a chance, and soon got immobilzed with his arm behind his back, and was forced to apologize.

When then my husband left, we didn't talk about that, but I can see that he feels embarassed and probably emasculated. And for myself, even though I hate fights and I feel guilty to confess that, I feel disappointed in my bf, because he wasn't able to put up some sort of a fight or to be a bit of a man when needed!

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  • Your boyfriend is a wimp. You should break up with him. See if your ex will take you back.

  • Because he lost?

  • Fukk that the ex is a f***** get a real man

  • Yeahhh, you're right!

  • This is about the tenth time you have posted this krap, so I'm guessing you're actually a bloke?
    But if not, your boyfriend is a wimp and as for your ex husband, he is gay! He wanted to man handle another man and did nothing with the wife! (like I said I think you're a man!)
    If by chance you are a woman I will kick the living krap out of both of them at the same time and nail you for hours! What do you think then??

  • Hahaha! That's exactly what im about to say!

  • Been there done that.. either side of it no female is worth fighting for unless she is being abused. Going to jail, sitting in jail then speaking to a judge, paying a hefty fine and a criminal record is not worth it.
    You won... you got the man you wanted.

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