Deep rooted anger at my husband

I’m so angry with him but it’s just a deep down anger that I can’t shake. We are completely stuck financially. A couple of years ago we were able to clear all our debts and have some money in the savings. We had enough for a house deposit OR a giant holiday but instead we did neither of those things. He kept saying no to the house thing because of the uncertainty of the costs involved and our ability to afford it. He also kept saying no to a giant holiday or a couple of little holidays because he didn’t want to use all the savings on that. Fast forward two years and we are completely stuck with no financial stability in our future. Somehow and I don’t even know how, all the money is gone and we are back in debt, we didn’t have any fun, we didn’t go on holiday, we didn’t buy a house and now with the financial future of our family so uncertain I feel so stuck.
He manages the money. He did a s*** job at it. Now home ownership is out of reach and so is a holiday. Our credit cards are maxed and we don’t even have anything to show for it I really honestly have no idea where it’s gone and when I look at him all I feel is anger and frustration over this!

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  • Unless you change the way you manage money expect the same results everytime. Some people just absolutely suck managing money. My friend makes 6 figures a year and you would be hard pressed to find $5 in his wallet and he's b******** deep in debt. Thanks to his money managing wife.

  • If yo came here looking for sympathy then you will be disappointed. The posters are right on. You have to take charge of your finances and your life. Just letting someone else make these decisions will only bring disaster. So become proactive. Sit down and have a pow wow with your hubby. Let him know he's accountable to you. You know for all you know he could be spending money on another woman. Could also be drugs, or gambling habit. Many men now bet on sports.

  • Get the credit cards out of your life. You won't believe how much life is easier when those are not one of your bills.

  • Only semi-true. I have no debt, but I also got rid of all my credit cards. Because of that, my credit rating is lower than it ought to be for someone with zero debt, plus there are certain business transactions that won't work unless you have a credit card (bank debit cards may or may not count, depending on the business or situation).

  • Well it's partly your fault for not being more involved in the finances and being involved in making the decisions as a couple. My wife and I make our decisions together. We sit down and talk things over. Neither of us make any off the big decisions without discussing it first. You should be mad at yourself for not being more proactive in your financial future. You should have been involved. My wife would have not let me dictate what we are going to do solely on my own. Nor would I have let her also. First off get a grip and tell your husband you want to see an accounting of all the expenditures to see where the money has gone. You both have serious issues with credit cards and better wise up and fast. I work in both finance and as a tax preparer and see horror stories all the time. Good luck your going to need it.

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