So not cool.

I went to a concert with my husband and bunch of friends and it was a pretty crazy concert there's beach b**** bouncing around the crowd and people crowd surfing and getting dropped, I was not into crowd surfing, Not at all, I had a tank top and a skirt on and my husband mentioned it I said no and next thing I know a couple of his friends lift me up.
Well f*** me, Next thing I know I am going across the crowd, there are hands everywhere, My top gets pulled down, I go to pull it up and it gets ripped right off, My bra gets undone and I am fighting to keep my bra I had to let go when someone shoved a finger in my p****, I cross my legs and go to reach for my bra which is hanging off and it disappears, My skirt is up around my waist, I had at least a couple more fingers get shoved in my p**** and then someone shoved a finger in my ass. THAT""""S it, I freak, I start kicking my feet and punching down and I get spun around and someone shoved their finger in my ass again, I am so f****** mad at this point I didn't even care that there was a dozen hands on my t***, I managed to get to the ground and people are grabbing at my t*** and my ass as I fought my way through the crowd back to my husband, One of his friends grabbed my t** and I punched him, My husband gave me his shirt and I drug him out of there.
WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKTARDS!!!! F*** all of you, You know who you are.

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  • That's not good. How rude. I got groped crowd surfing once but it wasn't as bad as your experience. I was wearing a tank top and bikini bottoms, as it was excruciatingly hot that day and it was an all-day festival. Sure I could tell that guys were trying to finger my vag when I was up over the crowd, but luckily no one got in. Lots of hands though and lots of ass grabbing too.

  • Sounds fun. Wish it were me

  • Uhhh, we live in a world where boundaries are no longer even considered. What did you expect? Do you cry every time this new boundary-free paradigm works in a way you don't personally approve of? Because you take full advantage of it when it works FOR you, little one.

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