Im embarrassed by my fat stepdaughter

I married my husband when his daughter was 14 and his wife got primary custody. When I first met her she was chubby but I thought that with puberty and age she'd grow out of it. No. She's a f****** glutton that's embarrassing to be around. Last time I went to a physical with her she weighed over 300 pounds at 5'5'. That was a year ago and she's surely bigger now. I went to a buffet with the whole family and caught her puking in the restroom she ate so much. Then, she came out and got dessert. My husband doesn't want to talk to her about it because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings and any time I've talked to her about it she's brushed me off. She's 19 now and going away to college, we bought her a whole row on the flight to Florida so she could be "comfortable". My husband didn't have the heart to tell her she probably takes up too seats. I'm not perfect I hover around 150-170 but I look good next to her at least.

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  • You should of bought her a s** toy when she was younger and made her go nude

  • I'm with you. I like girls who are slim and in shape.

  • Too bad none of them like YOU, even the fat ones

  • A lot of girls nowadays are fat, and frankly, a lot of guys love it, including me. So get over it. If you are embarrassed, there is no one to blame but YOU.

  • How does one take up "too" seats? She may be overweight, but you're illiterate.

  • If there were nothing but fat women in this world , I’m killing my self , heck my dad is not attending my funeral or wake and I’m not attending his funeral.

  • Y'all being mean and h**** guy your weird.

  • Some of us like fat chicks.
    Bigger the better :) )))

  • Ughh my daughters the same way. 25 and 250 pounds. I joke with my sisters she gains 10 pounds a year. I tried dieting when she was younger but she's living alone now. How she finds boyfriends astounds me

  • Guys prefer women with a little meat on them, since nobody told you. That's not surprising, since now that you're old you won't be getting any attention. Perhaps you're more jealous than "astounded", crone :)

  • Bcoz there is much more req than just physical appearance bit ch.

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