I'm an EXPERT with Using Men

I'm an expert at using men.

I have my boyfriend wrapped around my finger. He's been my boyfriend for 25 years now. He's always wanted to marry me but I refuse.

He's been driving over an hour to my house every Saturday for 25 years. I call it our standing Saturday date.

He brings be gifts like shoes or dresses. He sometimes brings me flowers on these Saturday dates.

Then I send him home that Saturday night.

One Saturday night he got a DUI. He had his license suspended for 6 months but was allowed to drive for business. Since I have him wrapped around my finger he still made that over an hour drive to my house on a suspended license. He can't go without seeing me. So f****** stupid!

He would babysit my kid when I had to work on Saturday. Free babysitter!

He paid for vacations for me and my kid. To Mexico, Las Vegas, etc. Once I made him get a separate hotel room in Vegas. Am I good?

He would come to my house and I had a "Honey Do" list. Like he fixed the screen porch. He made a wooden deck for me. He also would drive to my house during the week, mow my yard then make that hour drive back to his house.

I also have other guys who think I'm their friend. But I'm so good at pretending to be sweet that they are stupid and fall victim to me. They do all sorts of stuff for me and I do very little for them.

I also had numerous guys give me a free ride in their airplanes. When they don't ask me to ride with them I don't speak to them.

I'm so good at with the appearance of a sweet and innocent act. I should have been an actress. These guys don't know that I talk about them behind their backs.

Again - stupid and gullible men. I love it!

So, what do you think? I should start a seminar for women to learn how to use men!

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  • This smells a lot like the occasional confession about "the other woman" thinking she's going to be able to poach the husband and live happily ever after. Like those, this is just somebody having a manic episode. Call me jealous if I'm right :)

  • Wow. You are so proud of yourself for using men. He who laughs first will laugh last. God will punish you! Also Karma will get you one day.

  • Man. You sure are an evil woman! Pure evil! You must be the daughter of the devil.

  • Yes, she is totally evil. That's why we men are all in love with her, and wish we belonged to her.

  • ^Shut up OP^

  • Why would anyone want to be your slave ? I think you are full of yourself and full of s***. With any luck the earth will open up and swallow you miserable ass.

  • Is he the father of your kid?

  • Good point!

  • He’s not the stupid one b****- you are. Maybe you’ll grow a brain one day and see the truth.

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