My husband gets off

My husband gets off on my growing and bulging navel. He loves how big my belly has become but he loves how big my navel has grown. He loves for me to wear crop tops showing off my big belly. I don’t mind doing this for him however I do mind entertaining his obnoxious friends. The other day he had his friends come over to watch pre-season football. I wore a shirt that covered my belly because my belly. They all got to drinking too much and started being obnoxious. My husband and friends like to play football which is fine. However I don’t. We all went outside to toss the ball. My husband threw me the ball and his friend all ran at me to tackle me. They tackled me but didn’t hurt me. As soon as I got up my belly was exposed. This really brought out their obnoxiousness. They made comments about my big belly which made me angry. They saw me getting angry so they tried to smooth it over by tickling me which I hate. I tried to move away from them and his friend grabbed me and laid me on the grass and they proceeded to tickle my belly. I hate being tickled because I’m ticklish so I was squirming around and my bare naked belly was jiggling everywhere which made them and my husband laugh uncontrollably. They kept tickling me and I asked them to stop. My husband said no because they like seeing my wobbly belly jiggle. I asked my husband to make them stop and he said no baby this is so hot. He told one of his moron friends to tickle my navel. My navel is very big, it’s very wide and sticks out a lot. It’s sensitive to the touch so needless to say them tickling my navel was horrible. I kept trying to move and get up but I couldn’t because I got so weak from laughing and begging for them to stop. They finally stopped tickling me. I was able to get up. I told them to f*** off! My husband then grabbed my arms above my head and left my entire belly and navel out for his friends to attack it. They tickled my belly and navel it seemed like for ever. I began hollering and jumping up and down which left my belly shaking for dear life while they laughed and laughed and talked about how big my belly was. His friends finally stopped. That night my husband told me how turned on my fat makes him. He loves to see people touching my belly and navel. I told him I don’t like it but he said that I need to keep doing it for him.

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  • My husband liked my belly getting bigger, so much so he fattened me up & I came to love it. I now weigh 460lbs and love him playing with my fat belly.

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