Kissed a friend who has a crush on me!

Okay! So I have a really good friend(let's call him X) who has confessed me that he likes me and he is ready to wait for me forever. I kind of like his attention and I get jealous too when he gets close to other girls but I don't want to get in a relationship with him as I am scared that it will end soon like all my other relationships because of me loosing interest. I don't want our friendship to end. Though we both have kissed and had s** too which I told him was with no strings attached from my side I was doing it for pleasure. So for 4 months we both were apart due to office work.

So in these four months I met another guy (let's call him Y) who out of no where started taking care of me like a baby. He is so concerned about my everything specially my health. I was surprised by his behaviour. At first it was irritating as he was behaving like a mother keeping an eye on everything. Soon I realized he likes me. He confessed too when I asked him. He said he likes my nature and I had all the qualities he is looking for. I felt nice but I made it clear and told him about X. He said I am not expecting anything from you I am just giving you the reason for everything I do for you. He said for me your presence with me is enough. I am happy when I am with you and I forget all the worries. To be frank I was flattered.

But I was having a guilt for X. I told him everything about Y. He is angry annoyed and wants me to stop talking to Y. But I really like being friends with Y. I don't want any relationship from him but he is a nice person, a good friend. So one day he dropped me home as it was very late midnight I felt very nice and as a gesture of saying thanks and goodbye, I kissed his cheeks thrice. I really liked how mesmerized he was.

Am I doing something wrong? What should I do. I don't know.

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