He's going to be mine

This is a very long story, but the short version is that I'll be leaving work early today to drive over 300 miles to the city where I was raised, and staying with my best friend since 4th grade. She and her husband have been married for 7 years, and I have been married for almost 10. Her husband and I have been fooling around since before they got married, with many one-nighters (or one-afternooners, or one morningers) and some flings here and there (in fact, I f***** him on the night of their wedding, before AND after she did; I was matron of honor and so I felt entitled). My husband announced last week that he is divorcing me, and when I told my bff, she insisted that I come home and stay with them for a few days, just to get away. So, that's what I'm doing. But while I'm there, I'm also going to take her husband away from her. Permanently. He and I should be together anyway. He's always told me that I'm better for him, and better in bed, than she has ever been. But even if I have to get pregnant to accomplish my goal, I'm more than ready to do that.

Sep 20, 2019

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  • Obviously you inspired a lot of comments. In gaining a perspective from all this you need to hang on with confidence and build your self-esteem by thinking about all the goodness within you. Many men are looking for the right woman, which includes the learning you have gained about human nature after this experience. You also appear to have much to give emotionally and sexually, which enhances a relationship greatly. Don't let poor judgement in the past define you. You've gained a great education here. I wish you success!

  • Forgive me. While you seem resigned to having lost your man, that may be a mistake. You and Molly's husband were together -- I used that word intentionally -- for a very long time. You actually were together longer than he was together with Molly, and it was almost surely longer than he was with "the other woman". I think you should go see him, have a looooong conversation with him about what happened (you really don't know for certain), and see if there is any possibility that your relationship can be restored (my 2 cents: I think it can, and I'm certain that conversation will conclude with love-making). You were so looking forward to seeing him and being with him that weekend: that tells me things were serious. Please don't abandon ship just because the ocean got a little choppy. He might very well appreciate your effort and decide he needs to be with you. Together. Again. Forever. Now THAT would be romantic!

  • The ocean "got a little choppy" because there were too many boats in it. How stupid are you?

  • Wasnt writing to you. wasnt offering you support. wasnt concerned with what you think. all those things are still true. bye felicia.

  • Don't care. still going to respond whether you like it or not. Fight me :)


  • I may regret sharing this fact, but I think those who have criticized me may deserve to know. Earlier today I got a call from my girlfriend from school whose husband I said I was targeting. She called to tell me not to come next weekend (I'd postponed the trip last weekend because I had to take one of my children to the ER). She told me that she discovered her husband has been cheating on her "for several years" and he's been doing it with "a close friend of mine". I froze because I was certain she was talking about me and knew it was me who'd been f****** him. She said she was going to divorce him immediately, "unless I kill both of them first". Then she said she even suspected that at least one of the other woman's kids was fathered by him, and that she was pregnant now, probably also with his baby. At that point I knew -- to my permanent relief -- that it wasn't me. But I also knew -- to my permanent anger and hatred and shame -- that while he'd been cheating on her with me, he had also been cheating on me with this other woman, and knocking her up, maybe several times, maybe planned. My critics here will probably think I deserve this, and you may all be right, but it still hurts as if I were losing him as a husband, when as you've all pointed out, I never actually had him. I called him after I hung up with her, and told him that Molly called and if he ever breathes a word of our relationship to her or anyone else, I'll make sure he doesn't live long enough to regret it. He said "you're the least of the problems I have right now", and he hung up. That dismissal of me and my place in his life are probably proper in the circumstances. Famous last words. -- OP

  • You should have known. If he was that much of a hound when he was between your legs, there was never a reason to think he wasn't a hound when he wasn't between your legs. C'est la vie, bambine.

  • You're right. I admit it. You're right. I should have seen it. In hindsight, the signs were all there. A girlfriend of mine here said that the wife deprived me of the sick pleasure of ending her marriage. That's a hard truth but I fear it may be true. And yes, that's life.

  • I thought that, too: you were going to "confess" to her -- or you and her husband were going to do that together -- and blow up their marriage, so your worry about her having found out on her own (assuming she thought you were the homewrecker when she started explaining things to you) was more a matter of having been beaten to the punch. Still, I understand how and why you would have wanted to deliver the news yourself and see her heart break into a million pieces; that is certainly an understandable part of the excitement in these extramarital arrangements that immediately lead to new marriage.


    Yep, for once you're actually right about something. So much for your certainty that he was YOURS and "only" YOURS.

    Reality's almost as much of a b.itch as you are. Put on your big girl panties and learn your lesson, unless you need yet more attention and drama. In which case, learn anyway despite your disability.

  • Yes, I know. I sounded so arrogant and so sure, partly because he and I had been f****** for so long. I almost write "together" for so long. But I can see now that we were never together. At least not in any meaningful sense. Yes, again, I realize that I am a woman who needs a LOT of attention, and I admit that I have a slight addiction to "drama".......I actually love it........as long as it all favors me. That's where I thought this "drama" was headed, in MY favor, but obviously.......I was wrong.

  • You don't deserve to be treated like this and you deserve better, you clearly have a beautiful soul and need romance,
    Tell me more about your self xx

  • That is so incredibly kind, and I will come back and write you again later. But today is devoted to acknowledging everyone here who was critical and to confessing that they were right about me and that I was a cheating c***-crazed c***. More for you in a day or two, when things have calmed a little. Thank you for being so understanding, and for seeing my feelings as romantic in nature. You're right about that and I'll explain better. I appreciate you.

  • I look forward to talking with you, your one of the genuine people who speaks there mind and shown great character in answering all the doubters, hope to speak soon x

  • You are an extraordinarily kind person and I do truly appreciate you. You saw right through everything here, and all the criticism (far more of it than I expected), and saw my romantic nature. I have read romance novels all my life, and have always equated sexual activity -- and sexuality in general -- with romance, which is to say I connect s** and love. My girlfriends say that's insane, but how could the two NOT go together??? You may or may not agree with that observation (and either way is fine), but you AT LEAST could see my heart at work in this situation, and you KNEW it was the soul of a romantic! My husband, on the other hand, thinks my reading of those books warps my view of the world, and of my own life, but you really understand: you get me! In hindsight, I can see that my relationship with Molly's husband was a mistake. That's not to say that I just thought it was "wrong": I knew it was "wrong", but being "wrong" was part of the thrill of it. It was a mistake because I miscalculated the likelihood that I was not his only dalliance. Intellectually, I knew it was possible, but I never saw him as a cheater, even though he was cheating with me. Anyway, yes, the attention was something I needed, and is something I'll need to replace, someday, somehow, but let me just say how thankful I am that you reached out. And encouraged me.

  • I think you are an amazing person too, your romantic light should be aloud S to shine as bright as the the star you are!
    S** is a deep spiritual connection, and it involves love, be yourself! Because you live in the world as it should be and true love can be found anywhere? An are gallery in paris, a coffee shop in New York, a library in London or even maybe on the Internet.

    I would like to talk with you more xx

  • I agree with you. S** is the most primal expression of love, and its most essential form, and s** truly IS romance, distilled and pure. I think you, too, have experienced the suddenness and beauty of ALL that, in just the way you described it: in the unexpected serendipity of meeting a stranger in a gallery or a cafe', being struck by lightning and finding real love. For me, it has happened at an office party, a parent-teacher night at my kids' school, at an NBA game, and at church. Once, I found myself chatting with a man I'd never met or even seen before (one evening at a political fundraiser), and felt the heat rapidly rising within me. I told him I needed some air, and began to walk outside, as I prayed that he would simply follow without my asking. God answered that prayer. Once I reached a spot along the side of the building out of view from the windows or glass door, I turned to find him a few paces behind, and when he stopped in front of me, I leaned into him and slipped my tongue into his hungry mouth and my hand down the front of his pants, thus beginning an affair that he and I both needed. I know you understand that power, because I know you are a romantic, as I am. Thank you, darling.

  • We two are higher beings, when it comes to love and love making, I cuck my wife, to show her how much I truly love her! But because her love is not as defined as our love, she needs to to be humiliated and degraded, to understand she is a lesser human being to you! 'You' who understands the true meaning of "true love!" to do absolutely anything for true love!

    My wife needs to understand you are analpha wife and she is a sub wife, let's show her what real love is xx

    P. S. Put kisses on the next post so I showy wife and humiliate her for the greater good xx

  • To my lover's wife -

    I know the woman you are. So bland and uninteresting and predictable. I know you thought it would never go this far; that he and I would have a little fling, the sort of transient s** had by so many men and women married to other people, and it would be over. But this is not that, and so it will be much worse for you than the other extracurricular activity he has subjected you to. For, you see, he and I are now a couple. He and I, actually, are THE couple in your world, and you are just a toy. We will take you out and play with you sometimes, but the real relationship in these circumstances will be ours. OURS. And you? You will exist along the fringe and you will take what we give you, and you will be happy with that. Your marriage isn't over, because you aren't going to get a divorce. But your RELATIONSHIP is over. In fact, your relationship ended the first time he climbed between my legs, got a look at my c***, and then penetrated it. He knew it then. And we laughed at what a sad sack you are. So, he and I are the couple, and I am a mean-ass b****. I am going to enjoy humiliating you, I am going to make your life a misery, and he and I -- together -- are going to break your heart. Repeatedly. You'll be receiving videos of him f****** me, recordings of our phone s** sessions where we ridicule your pathetic attempts at love-making, and copies of the perverted text messages he sends me, BEGGING me to do to him any one (or more) of the dozens of things you refuse to do because you think they are too dirty or are just beneath you. The first will be a professionally shot and edited video of me p****** in your husband's face. And in his mouth. And down his throat. You will think of those images every time he kisses you, because you will be tasting my urine.

    BTW, as I am writing this, he is laying in bed with me, with his c*** smeared in my s***. He just f***** me in the ass.....which you've never allowed.


  • To my lover's drab wife (again) -

    Just to show how well I know you, and your reaction to what appears just above, I know you are going to call me a w****. But I want you to begin to understand that I really AM a w****. And that is a SERIOUS f****** problem for you. The word "w****" has absolutely no negative connotations for me. Because I know as a factual absolute that every man wants to marry a w****. No, what you've heard and bought in to is the idea that a man will never marry a w****, just f*** them but never commit, but that's just not true. Sure, many men don't marry whores, but that's because a real w**** is hard to find: they all WANT one, they just can't all GET one. There are so few real whores around. I say all this so you'll know that what your husband feels for me is love. Real love. True love. All love. Total love. So you can't -- CANNOT -- rely on the pitiful idea that he still "loves" but only has "l***" for me. He has love AND l*** for me and neither for you. No, he isn't going to divorce you. You have value as a homemaker and housekeeper and social appendage, and you'll remain useful, but you won't be loved ever again. That love will be mine.
    And I will stick that idea into your spine and twist it every day. I WANT IT TO HURT! I LOVE MAKING IT HURT! I'M A W**** AND THAT IS WHAT WHORES DO. So, remember, while it's true that I'm a w****, I will be wearing that name proudly as I do more and more damage to you and drive the wedge deeper and deeper between you and your husband. Yes, I'm a w**** and you are losing to me. You cannot even compete with a w****. Isn't that sad???? NO!!


    From your husband's w****,

  • Well said my beautiful wife xx
    I've told her that she is to call you "mistress" I've also made her dictate and read back as I talk.

    At the part of drinking your urine I loved that! Especially while I'm licking out your asss!

    I don't believe it, she's crying again ha ha! She's pethetically pleading "don't please don't!" ha ha!

    She is no longer my wife you are we have a transcendent love she's a worthless sack of s****, I want because I love you and only you! This is true, what we have!
    "I want you, I need you, I adore you and I'm obsessed with you and truly love you and only you!" and yes I want a w**** my old marriage is over and my new one just beginning xxxxx

    Describe your naked body so she know how beautiful you are compared to her xxxxxx I love you my w**** wife πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  • To my lover's s***** wife (again) -

    You cannot begin to imagine how much your husband loves my body. I have always kept myself in good shape. I'm at the gym every weekday, doing weights, treadmill and either spinning or kickboxing. However, the thing that I'm most proud of -- and which most effectively draws men to me -- is the breast augmentation I had done many years ago, taking me from a medium B-cup to an incredibly-perfect D. Men can't resist looking, and what they see, they want to touch. And why would I deprive them? Well, I wouldn't.

    I have some body art, which I expect you can't say of yourself. Multiple ear piercings, bellybutton, nipple (one only) and l**** (both sides) and c***-head. And in case you're wondering, your husband loves the piercings in the southern hemisphere the most. As for tattoos, I began with just a simple trampstamp, which evolved into an across-the-back work of art, followed by a matching design on my mound, and then an over-the-shoulder masterpiece of demons battling angels, and winning. I've already told your husband to be dreaming of something for me to add to the collection, and to be looking at possible designs that speak to him. Yes, he will mark me as his property.

    I am of mixed Mediterranean descent (apparently my great grandmother was an incredible and indiscriminate w****) and so I am dark-complected. My hair is very bright blonde now, though not naturally so, and my bush is dark black. I generally favor having a full bush, although I have gone Brazilian many times, only to allow it to grow back. I could not wear a bikini in public at the moment because it would look like I was smuggling mink pelts. Your husband will make the decision as to how I shave, wax or grow. I want him happy. And I want that because I want him eager to work with me in making your life h***. Oh, are you crying again? You should be. We will enjoy ruining you.

    From your husband's filthy w****,

  • To mistress,
    My old husband, has instructed me to message you' and how I should address you.

    I can believe I have to says this but, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Can you leave my husband alone? This is joke to you' but he is taking this deadly serious, I'm a good person I don't deserve to be treated like this, he is saying that you will be moving in and I will be yours two servant.
    I will go to work, while you two can fukk all day, then I have to wait on you two hand and foot! And really means it.

    I'm sure this is an erotic fantasy for you so I'm pleading with you, from woman to woman please can you tell him this is not real, because he needs come back to me, I love him.

    He says he wants to have simulated s*x later!
    You can explain the truth then, I'm sure you really are nice person deep down, thank you for listening

  • I don't know whether or not you're a "good person", dear, but I know this for certain: you are a terrible wife. If you were a good wife, if you had taken care of your business at home and in your own bed, your husband would not have cheated on you as much as he has, or as openly as he has, with as many women as he has, and those urges he has would not have led him to me. I think you already know that to be true, but I think you are truly lost in the world of adulthood and are trying to live by a set of rules that don't account for the reality of love. If you really love him, then you will show it by acting as the slave he has already described to you, and doing as you are told. If you comply, you will occasionally be allowed to have s**, like this (as one example). After he has f***** me in my ass, but before he c***, he will slowly extract himself from my a***, slide his chocolate-covered c*** into your mouth, and if you lick/suck him clean, he will c** in your mouth. You will taste his s**** once again, but only if you've satisfactorily sucked my s*** off his d***. Your children will begin to call me "Mama Gina" and they will remind you what he and I tell them, that "Daddy loves Mama Gina more than you". Eventually, they will see what's happening and they, like your husband, will have no further use for you, though you will be kept around. So, please just remember: you could have ended this relationship between your husband and me before it ever started, but you chose to try to enforce your will on him. This is ALL your fault.

    Your husband's destructive w****, Gina

  • Gina my gorgeous w**** wife I am h**** right now, stop what ever you are doing where ever you are find a toilet or somewhere private!
    Im going to fukk you right now!

    I need you right now!! XX

  • I'm not sure of the real reason why, but late last night, my husband showed up at home after a lengthy absence he said was leading to divorce. He said he felt unable to deal with my sexuality, but he's said that before. Anyway, he's home now, and I am forced to withdraw from my dalliances, including the potential and imagined ones. If he ultimately leaves again, or (more likely) I send him away, I will be back here (and elsewhere), the proverbial cat on the f****** prowl. Otherwise.......peace........out.

  • You just never quit, do you? You got bullied into not using your Happynude handle anymore but are still addicted to posting bullshit "conversations" on other people's posts. It's understandable though, I hear there isn't much to do on dementia wards.

  • To be candid, I think you're being blind about this situation, and you should reconsider before you do anything.

  • That's what I should have done and wish I had done but did not do. Yes. Mea culpa.

  • I've been where you are right now and so I know how thrilling it is and how beautiful it is: the romance of it is unlike any other relationship and it can bring incredible pleasure and joy. We both know it's not an easy goal to reach, but I managed to get my man away from another woman and their children, and I feel really good about your approach and your attitude, and I just wanted wish you good luck. Please keep us posted on how things go.

  • Thank you for understanding. Like the other positive commenter above, I will write to you again.

  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and for sharing a bit of your own personal history, so very close to home. I'm happy that your situation seems to be working out, but would like to know more about you and your affair and your new marriage. CONGRATULATIONS! Please tell me more?

  • I think, like most side whores, you are heading for a rude awakening.

  • Nuh-uhhh im speshul an i get wut i want hes mine forever and ever and ever he'll never mess around on me cuz im me tee hee im just another arrogant c.un.t who thinks her stretched out slit is a magickul portal an that makes purfict sense cuz that's where i keep my brains tee hee im a very very speshul bimbo :)

  • No dope smoking when posting

  • Tell OP that, not the person with at least half a brain who's mocking her.

  • From a guys perspective on leaving your wife to be with a "love of your life" mistress...
    Don't expect him to be yours till he leaves his wife!
    I was that guy & know kids especially are hard to leave or blend into a new relationship but when mom is hurt behind the situation like your it's going to take its toll.
    My son waited till he was in his 20's & decided to hate me for telling his mom she wasn't good as the other woman who treated him better than biomom.
    Your kid getting sick was karma saying don't mess with fate.

  • Your karma comment REALLY hit home. Had I been there the weekend my daughter got sick, I would made it worse for her by being absent. AND I WOULD HAVE MADE A TOTAL ASS OF MYSELF. Hopefully, now, no one ever finds out what an idiot I am.

  • Too late. We know. Because you thought you were all that and just had to brag like you were still in 8th grade.

  • I had a sick child last weekend and so I postponed my trip. Two weeks from now he'll be mine.

  • When you are the other woman he think about you all day. He buys you presents and meets you for licit s**.

    When you are his wife, you are cooking and cleaning and lying quietly on your back while he f**** you and thinks about the woman we wants to be with.

  • I don't worry about him thinking of anyone else: it's not going to happen. He will never cheat on me and he will never leave me. I'm not going to give him the chance. I know how to take care of a man, and he knows that I know. He'll be with me forever.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha look what you wrote further up ha ha

  • Yes. You needn't remind me. I think of my unfounded arrogance every minute of every day. I was stupid. I was a POS. And I still am.

  • You are bipolar. It figures you have at least one kid, I swear only mentally incompetent people breed anymore!

  • No, I'm not bipolar; just h**** AF.

  • ONe minute your all "he's mine and nothing can stop me", the next you say how much you suck and your soooo sorry. Your bipolar, accept it
    P.S., being a h**** w**** is a classic sign of bipolar

  • My gf was totally devoted to me until about a year after my wife and I separated. Then she grew distant. We separated just a couple of weeks ago. At one stage she said seeing me was sometimes a chore. Who the f*** wants to be a chore. Now wife knew nothing of gf and wife was distant for over 10 years but I wonder if gf enthusiasm was kept alive by presence of wife. maybe you will go cold too if you get him.

  • So.....much.....truth. I really TOTALLY get your observation about the enthusiasm being maintained by the thrill of the infidelity. Now, this other woman (don't know her) will get to find out how right you are. Thanks for stating the warning in such an objective way. That is a very hard thing to do, but you managed to keep the emotion out of it and just provide the history. Best wishes to you in your relationships.

  • There is nothing -- NOTHING -- appealing or appropriate or right about being a homewrecker. Please stop.

  • I am so totally NOT a homewrecker. I'm just taking what already belongs to me.

  • You are not a homewrecker, you are just a thot.

  • Side wh0re, thot, whatever

  • Quite the lowlife aren't you

  • I've done some things I'm not proud of. Everybody has. But I'm no lowlife. Are you???!?

  • What is it with you sub-intelligent little girls that you think an "I'm rubber and you're glue" comeback has anything to it? Multiple question marks make you look even dumber and less stable... and the bar was pretty low to begin with.

    Now come on, hit me with a sick burn like "ur just jealous :)" or make yet another brainless arrogant statement about how you're going to "keep" a man you had to poach. And keep thinking YOU'RE the one playing HIM, you stupid tw@t.

  • Get a life. Your plan sucks, and you know it. There are plenty of other ways to find purpose and fulfillment in this life than this bullshit you’re caught up in, trust me. Dead end street

  • This is pure romance and love and heat. And it's not bullshit: it's real. You are the one with the sad sad life.

  • Haha i changed my mind well actually my mind changed me, you see my brain chemicals don't work very well and now i'm very sad and contrite, hmu in another couple of weeks and i'll be a dumb roaring b.it.ch all over again like this never happened oh god oh god i'm covered in invisible snakes again *blows bubbles*

  • Don't believe that taking away your gf's husband will ever make you happy. May be to him, you will be more or less a s*** in view of your acquaintance and past f*** episodes. Best option should be to develop a 3-some arrangement with him and his wife. As a man of sexual esperience this is my suggestion.

  • I've had my share of threeways but I wouldn't do that with this woman in the bed. Ewww! Plus, I just want him for myself and on my own. And I'm going to have him that way. :)

  • Probably more fiction, but if if true and if you're that much of s***, no man worth having would want you for anything more than an occasional s** toy. I've had a hundred like you, but I wouldn't leave the mother of my children for anyone. Even though I don't particularly care for the wife, I love my children.

    Besides, you have kids. The man isn't going to want to feed another man's children. If it does work out for you, you'll still have to pay the karmic price, and that's going to be heavy.

    Good luck.

  • When I first read this, I laughed. I actually laughed "out loud" about him thinking of me as you did any one or more (or all?) of your affair or fling partners (your level of experience in that regard, I have to say, is amazing and even exciting). Needless to say, darling, I am not laughing now. You hit that particular nail right on its m************ head. G******......you understand women. That's why so many are so drawn to you. Incredible.

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