Good Samaritans

My wife and I live near a Fraternity in a college town. We have always enjoyed an open marriage and she likes to flirt with college boys.
About 15 years ago, my wife had an accident which prevents her from working. Some very nice young men from a nearby fraternity noticed her difficulty and offered to help her with yard work and other chores.
We don't have much money, so she offered to pay them in the bedroom. She says it's one chore she's good at. She just lies with her legs spread and lets young men pleasure themselves in her. If there is more than one, each one lubricates for the next.
At night, I love to hear her tell what the boys did with her while having coitus in her sloppy love canal.
College men graduate and move away, but new generations come to replace them. She is still handicapped, but we have the nicest yard and I have the happiest wife in town.



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  • I used to share racy photos of my wife but, because of her injuries, she no longer permits it. We also prefer to be discreet about her affairs with the fraternity boys. We have discussed our arrangement since I posted the "Confession" and agreed to continue. She is past menopause, so doesn't need condoms and I like her sloppy. She can't get out much due to her injuries. So rather than sit alone in an unkempt home and yard, entertaining college boys is a perfect solution. She likes the company, the yard and house chores done and the s**. So why change?

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