Weekend Alone

I am a husband and have two kids. So a couple of weekends ago I was talking to my brother in law and he invited me to a guy’s weekend at the lake. I declined due to the amount of stuff I had to around the house. Come to find out my wife notified me that our oldest had a basketball tournament 3.5 hours away. I told her that I needed to stay in town for the weekend due to the yard work around the house that needed to be done. So come Saturday morning the wife and kids packed up and headed out of town. As I went to work on the yard.
After finishing the yard work that evening I called my wife to check in and make sure that they made it okay. That's when I received a text from my sister in law asking if she could swing buy and pick up a pair of shoes my wife had borrowed. I told her to come on over whenever and asked what she was upto given that my brother in law was away at a guy’s trip. She said that she was probably going to hang out around the house since she had the kids. I told her that we should meet up and grab something to eat since we are bacheloring and we have always had a great relationship. She said that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get the kids out so I thought nothing of it.
So, I showered and got dressed and headed out to a local pub to get some bar food and drinks. There, I ran into multiple friends while I finished dinner and kept casually drinking beer. That’s when my sister in law showed up without the kids. I asked where the kids were and she said she needed a break and got the next-door neighbor to watch them. Now my sister in law was a collegiate track runner so she is still very fit given she has had two kids. She is very active and very attractive with a very outgoing personality. I was so excited because we are usually the crazy ones at the party. I asked if she was hungry and what she wanted to drink and she said that she was going to drink dinner. So I ordered us a round of shots.
Time flew and we were just hanging out having a blast drinking and socializing. The next think I knew it was 11:30pm and we were both over served. I reminded my sister in law that she had a baby sitter and what time it was and she said, “Oh s***, I need to leave!” I told her that she didn’t need to drive and that I would get her an Uber. Being the strong willed woman she is she declined. She said, “I will just call the neighbors and ask if the kids can spend the night. The bar doesn’t close until 2am and I am still having fun unless you’re ready to leave?” I was having fun so I was down for staying. She called the neighbors and they were cool with keeping the kids.
My sister in law was wearing a really short pair of shorts with a very loose low cut top that was backless. The next thing I know its 1:30am and they are calling last call at the pub. We were both smashed and she said, “let’s keep the party going! Where to next?” and I said that all the bars in our town close down at 2am. I told her that we had a ton of alcohol at my house and we could continue there if we wanted. We invited the whole bar back to my house to continue on the party. We left her car at the pub and I drove us to my house where we continued to drink. We waited for the others at the bar to show up but everyone went home. This is when things started to get strange.
Sitting at the kitchen bar we were sitting on bar stools facing one another laughing and talking when I looked down and noticed my sister in law had her legs spread and I could she didn’t have on any panties which immediately changed my mental thought process. I was wasted and just got a little shot over her vag which got me hard. This is when I tell her we should play truth or dare. She said, “I use to love that game! Let’s do it!” I told her to go first and she said “truth” and I asked her if she had ever had taken it in the ass. She said, “No! Have you?” and I said “no, your sister would never let me do that!” Then I said “dare!” and she said, “I bet you won’t strip down naked and go jump in the pool!” and I said, “Only if you’re going to do it with me!” She said you’re on! That’s when we both took off our clothes and ran out to the pool and dove in. When I came up from the water it was so dark that I could only see a silhouette of her head. I told her she was crazy and we began talking again just hanging out in the pool as we just stood there in the pool. I slowly started moving closer and closer with the biggest b**** ever that she couldn’t see. That is when I pretended to trip and my p**** rubbed her thigh. When I came up again she said, “That’s interesting!” and I told her I was sorry. She said that’s okay it’s not a big deal. That’s when I asked her if she liked it and she laughed but didn’t answer. She said that my wife had always told her that I was big and that she has always wondered. I could she her eyes trying to look down and she my d*** but it was so dark out I don’t think she could see it. About that time she said let’s go in and get another drink. So I hopped out like nothing was different and to my surprise so did she. We walked briskly inside and I grabbed her a towel and I casually dried myself off right in front of her. She was trying not to stare but I kept catching her looking at my p****.
I fixed us another bourbon and we both sat there and drank while still wrapped up in our towels. This is when I asked her which room she wanted to sleep in and I would get it ready for her. She opted to stay in my oldest child’s room so I get her some extra pillows and told her it was ready. She went directly in and got in bed and yelled that I bring her a large glass of ice water because she was going to be hung over as s***. I yelled back right away. Once I threw some shorts on I made the ice water and got an Advil and walked in there. She was already passed out cuddled up under the covers. I sat the cup down and Advil down on the nightstand and shook her lightly to wake her to take the Advil and chug the water but she wouldn’t wake up. This is when I got curious and gently pulled the covers back. To my surprise she was completely naked.
Her body was as amazing as I could have imagined. Sculpted and not an ounce of fat but with flappy b**** and gigantic nipples. I immediately dropped my shorts and rolled her from her side onto her back. I slowly spread her legs and started to slightly lick her p****. She was extremely wet. Then I started to suck on her nipples to which she started to moan. This is when she slowly grabbed my c*** and started to stroke it. I looked up and she was smiling at me awake. I said, “I am so sorry!” and she said “it’s fine”. I jumped up and continued to apologize and asked her please not to tell my wife or brother in law. She said we would keep it between us and to continue.

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  • It was getting good !!! Lol damn man

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