My "25 Secrets"

A big Facebook note is now posting your "secrets" so your friends can see them. Here are mine.
25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

1. I am addicted to Tetris: I've had dreams about it.

2. I love music more than people.

3. I have no true friends.

4. I am stronger than everyone I know because of my Eating Disorder.

5. My feet are always cold.

6. No one has ever seen “inside” me.

7. Every joy and pain has been analyzed.

8. I truly love popcorn and grapefruit.

9. Sitting in a clean room with everything in perfect order is orgasmic.

10. I am scared no one thinks I’m attractive.

11. I love debating ethical issues more than watching any movie or TV show.

12. I am very gullible.

13. I love heights and small spaces.

14. I have no one who loves me enough to care about this.

15. No one tags me in photos or writes on my wall… I cannot connect with my peers.

16. I’m scared of potato chips, fries, pizza, etc.

17. Making paper snowflakes calms me down.

18. I’m a trash picker.

19. I am a compulsive recycler and feel a little sick when others don’t.

20. I want to disappear. I honestly think I could. Only my family would notice me missing. They wouldn’t really miss me. They would miss the idea of me.

21. My biggest dream is to fall so deeply and painfully in love that I can show someone these secrets and not feel ashamed.

22. I want to live for my work, and truly truly love what I do.

23. I believe in Post-It Notes ®, microwave popcorn, cute skirts, cardigans, lip balm, desk lamps, Conan O’Brien, France, minty gum, lonely heroines, Andrew McMahon, vibrators, falling asleep while reading, electric blankets, cats,, and Oldies radio stations.

24. I don’t believe in God, abortion, Starbucks, Chinese food, round-tip scissors, crappy pencils, Wonder bread, black pepper, paisley, horrible child names, gab rags, E!, MTV, smiley faces, manicures, poufy dresses, naturally thin people, role playing games, group therapy, and anti-depressants.

25. I don’t believe I’ll ever tell anyone I know 95% of this.

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  • I think this is so beautiful and honest. I may not agree with everything in it - as the person above said, I don't think eating disorders make people stronger. I'm a self-harmer and to me, eating disorders are another form of self-harm, a way to escape as opposed to face up to thing, (and I do believe in chinese food and anti-depressants). On the flip side there is also a lot that i can relate to and think you sound like a beautiful person with beautiful thoughts and feelings, someone worth knowing inside and out. Thank you for sharing this.

  • 4. You think you're STRONG because you have an eating disorder??? LMAO Sorry love, that makes you WEAKER than everyone else because you let some weak self-esteem or body image control your life.

  • I love you =]

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