Wife sharing

I am a shared wife and I don't understand why so many women out there don't give it a try when their husband asks them to.
The first time Mike asked me to have s** with our Friend Donald I was a little concerned about his motives but we had been together for over 5 years at the time and I have a very healthy s** drive and Mike and I have a secure relationship we both trust each other and after we talked it over with him explaining his desire I told him I would do it once but only if he nd I both enjoyed the arrangement would I agree to do it on a long term thing.
First Mike talked to Robbie and when he agreed to do it we talked some more about the rules and I was not comfortable with hi being with another woman he had no problem with it.
I was very nervous and uncomfortable the first time until I saw how much Mike seamed to be enjoying it and then I relaxed and had a very good o***** with Robbie.
Now years later I have been with many men and as always Mike is right there filming it and even when there is more than one guy ( we have had a few gang bangs and I can have several o****** before I an worn out I love the attention of several guys).
If there are any ladies out there that have had their husband suggest this first off look into your relationship and if it is secure go for it h*** you can at least try it once to be sure before committing yourself to it.
I love and trust Mike and he is the same with me and our own s** life has been much better since then.

Dec 14, 2019

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  • I would only be agreeable to being shared with women. The only man for me is my husband, but I enjoy scissor-tribbing my wet kitty on another woman’s wet kitty, so being shared with females would be ok with me...

  • This is the most common fantasy of all men. All men get hard at the thought of another man f****** their wife. They get even harder when they imagine how the wife looks while another man is f****** her.
    It’s a primal response from our caveman days. Come home to cave and see man f****** my woman. Ugh. D*** get hard. When man through, I jump on. Fill woman with my juice. Make her mine again.

    Or something along those lines.
    Anyway, men still get h**** thinking about it and if you’re into p***, like we all are since we’re reading about it, there’s only one thing that will stimulate a person more than seeing another man f*** his wife. And that is, watching your wife enjoy the h*** out of getting f***** by another man.
    The first time you see a guy putting his d*** in your wife, is a memory that will last forever. It’ll put passion in your s** life like, Love Potion no. 9.

    It’s great exercise and fun and makes the marriage better.
    That’s not saying anyone can do it. If you’re the jealous type, insecure about your masculinity, then you’ll cry like a baby because mommy got c** with another man. Boohoo.

    If you’re happy and you know it, show it. Spread some cheer among friends or strangers and have a Ball.

  • So in other words marriage vows mean jack s*** to you people. If you want other people then why even get married? What happened to self respect? How could you enjoy being passed from man to man and let them have their way w you and your twisted husband just sits there and watches? How f***** up is that? He has no respect for you or himself. He willingly gives you to other men to fulfill HIS f***** up fantasy while you’re degraded and f***** by everyone. Might as well just be a h***** because there’s no difference. Not all wives are so desperate to be f***** by tons of men. The majority just want to be with their husband whom they love.

  • No we love each other very much but like most marriages after awhile the candle burns low and we have just breathed more into our s** life.

  • Since I've been on both sides of this I can say, for me, it was a REALLY BIG step to take. The IDEA of it was a huge turn on, but I feared it coming back against me. I have a lot of issues with guilt. I don't want to feel humiliated for just doing what he wanted. For me, I had to know it would all be fine afterwards. It took a LONG time for me to go along with his kinks, and share it with him. A LOT of communication and patience is important is huge but, for me, knowing and meeting other couples that are fine with it was even bigger.

    For me, I had to get him to go and do with others what he wanted me to do first. I'll NEVER forget the evening I sat and earnestly visited with a husband while my husband loudly screwed his wife in their bedroom.

  • My husband has asked and I know it's a major kink for him. That's why I don't do it--I'm not some vehicle for his kink. We have had s** with friends, but it's been on my terms and my idea. It has to be something that I really want to do, rather than doing something for him.

  • I really don't feel that way I like s** and if he wants to watch me ans de seams to like it well like I said I do like s**......

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