The boss

My husband and I work for the same family owned company in different areas.
The owner and me always flirted a little.
Last year John, the owner got a divorce.
Mike my husband joked that maybe I could help him get over the divorce. Mike has tried a bunch of times to get me to have s** with another man.
I always thought, if you truly love someone you wouldn’t want that. But he says it’s like having to win me back again. So I would flirt with other guys when we went places and it would turn Mike on.
Anyways, John asked me to go to a dinner with him to meet some of our new clients. I thought something was suspicious, but Mike also really wanted me to go. So I went.
We left work early to go to the restaurant. We sat there and no one showed up and John said he didn’t know where the people were. He excused himself to call them. When he came back he said there was a scheduling mistake and it was just the two of us. He said at least it’s not a waste, we can have a good meal and if I wanted to he would show me his new place and maybe have a drink. I knew what that meant, I said I would like to see his place. I was too nervous to eat thinking about going to Johns house. John thought there was something wrong with me and asked if I just wanted to come see his place another night. So I said yes maybe some other time because I had a bad headache.
As John was taking me home, he made one more try and asked if I wanted to stop real quick and tell him my opinion. He said maybe a drink would help my head. So I agreed.
His place was nice and he poured me a glass of wine. He had some mixed drink. John said he gets headaches too and it’s usually from tension in his shoulders. He began to rub my neck and shoulders. His hands began to wander and I pretended not to notice until I couldn’t pretend anymore. We began to kiss and before too long we were on his couch having s**.
After it was over, I felt guilty and I think John could tell. He said he was sorry, that things went to far. He said we had flirted for so long and he was lonely. He wondered if we could go on at work like before.
I said I would take an Uber home, but John insisted on driving me. He took me home and walked me in. Mike asked how the dinner was and John looked at me to see what I was going to say. I said it was good and John said that the night would have been a total fail if it wasn’t for me. John then said his goodbyes and left.
As soon as he was gone, I showered and tried to get my thoughts together. Mike tried to talk with me but I didn’t want to. Finally, later that night, I told him. There was no clients, we went back to Johns house and had s**. Mike was surprised. I asked, that’s what you wanted, right? I was kind of mad at Mike for my guilt. Mike said yes, but I could tell he didn’t really believe me, so I told him in detail. He loved it.
I didn’t see John for a couple days and when I did he asked me if I told Mike and said he took full responsibility for what happened. I told him that Mike doesn’t need to know everything and that I enjoyed our night together. It was a couple weeks and the flirting started again. That day John and me had s** on his couch in his office and we have had s** two more times after that.
It’s still kind of weird knowing that my husband doesn’t care that Im having s** with another man.

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  • I would love it if my wife would f*** another guy. She is so hot. I would love to share her!

  • I know that feeling would love watch my wife bing f***** as get see everthing going on and relax to see her enjoying

  • Nothing gets me harder than imagining my wife f****** some other guy. She refuses to do it, but I think about it when we're f******. I imagine someone sucking on her beautiful D size t*** while I f*** her from behind. Then we switched and she sucks my d*** while he f**** her tight little p**** and smacks her round ass. You would think every woman would be ecstatic to hear her husband ask her to f*** another guy, but mine just keeps telling me no.

  • If you’re not into it why bother doing it?
    If you thought maybe the s** was way hotter and he was way better then I could see. Find a guy that you drool over and would take home if you were single. Let’s see how much he really likes that

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