My young lover Graeme

I am a retired gentleman, a widower for about seven years, then one day I met Graeme. He answered an advert I put in our local paper here in the UK for a handyman/gardener.
Graeme was the only applicant I received and rang my door bell late one afternoon. He said I've come about the advert, I asked him how old he was, "sixteen" he said, "I'm at school here so it would be good to work some afternoons and perhaps an weekend".
I just gazed at him, he looked so lovely, almost like a girl, slim, fit and gorgeous long hair. I invited him into my house and watched the way he walked, I fell in love.
We chatted for ages, he told me he lived with his mother in a village not far from our town and that he had no father as he had left long ago. He seemed not to have many friends and I said "would you like me to be a friend", without hesitation he said "yes I would".
We talked on and then I told him he needed to catch his bus, he said "what about working", "don't worry about that Graeme, I just loved talking to you" and reached into my wallet and gave him five pounds. Then I plucked up the courage to ask "are you gay Graeme", "yes I'm a sissy and like girly dressing up, would that be a problem Mr Fisher" he said.
I felt a surge of passion, of love and desire and leaned towards him and kissed him, "not for me Graeme, now go on catch your bus". We arranged for him to come back on the Saturday and in the hall way we cuddled and kissed and then he was gone.
I thought about him every minute of every day until on the Saturday he returned. I am so pleased to say that we have become lovers and Graeme has even asked me if he could be my lodger as he could tell his mother it would be nearer college, but I have told him I will need to meet his mother first,
So, I'm an old guy in love again, I am not sure Graeme loves me or the satisfaction I give to him, but I just hope it lasts a while.

Dec 30, 2019

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  • You are so lucky. I wish I could have a boyfriend like you have. Dann! I am soooooooooo jealous! Damn!!!!!

  • Sorry, my dear man,but you're just a gross and disgusting old f** and he will eventually see that and leave. I know that because I, too, am a gross and disgusting old f**, and I lost a very young lover much like yours, a short time back (although I must admit that I did not handle the situation well enough to actually get him living under my roof: I was only paying some living expenses for his mother). Please continue to treat him royally and enjoy him (and his magnificent body) for as long as you Possibly can. I really do honestly wish you all the best and am quite happy for you (and quite envious of you). Please also keep us posted on all the frilly naughtiness! Tell us about all the dirty things you do to one another. My oh my I can only imagine the things you are teaching him!

  • Him and his little brother wearing knickers for me and sucking

  • Well dear boy, Graeme doesn't have a brother and in any case he's mine and I love him. In all my life I hadn't realised love and s** would be as good as it is with young Graeme.
    He took me to see his mother just before Christmas, to ask if he could be my lodger. She took me aside and said she was glad that he seemed to regard me as a father figure and perhaps I could steer him on a straight path. I assured her that I would do so. She had no idea that I already knew about Graeme and treasured it.
    Graeme has moved in now, he has a wardrobe full of sissy clothes and a very feminine looking bedroom. However Graeme sleeps with me and loves dressing in silky nightwear which he is fully aware turns me on. He dresses in girly clothes during the day when he gets home which I love as he looks so very pretty.
    We are making love most nights and I have found my sexual energy renewed. The nicest thing that Graeme allows is for me to make love to him without a condom as we both think it makes us closer.

  • I agree has to be no condom , love seeing my c** drip from the boipussy

  • Good god ^this description is a thing of pure beauty and real love.

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