My young lover Graeme

We have just celebrated Graeme's birthday and it was something of a milestone for us, as we went out for dinner and drinks and Graeme was fully dressed as a teenage girl and he looked gorgeous!!!!
We had talked about him going out as a girl for some days and I treated him to a session at a hair dressing salon and they styled it perfectly and when he returned home, he looked stunning.
I had bought him some lovely clothes for his birthday, beautiful underwear and a short girly silky dress which buttoned up in the front, really lovely. In the day Graeme went to college, so I laid his presents on his bed for his return.
When he got back, we kissed and I led him to his bedroom and waited while he admired his gifts. He undressed, and held the dress up to his body, he was already aroused, so I moved closer and we kissed and Oh! those lips, that perfect body.
I told Graeme that we were going out and that he was to dress as female and pretend he was my daughter and he was thrilled and I was so relieved as I believed that this could be a real turning point and one which would keep us together.
We showered together as usual and played in there as usual. He just loves to feel me against him as I wash his hair, teasing me by backing into me, bending over and trapping me between his legs , he is so naughty.
Afterwards I helped him with his make-up, not to much with just a little pale pink lip gloss. I left Graeme to get dressed and I went to get ready. When he came into our bedroom I very nearly fainted, he was all girl.
We went out, drove to the restaurant. Graeme really acted the part, even the voice, so perfect even down to the little gold chain around his neck. Again he had been rather naughty in that his dress was not fully buttoned up in the front so when he sat down I could see all the way to his panties, something the waiter also noticed. I would punish Graeme for that when we return home!!
We had a great time and a couple of drinks when we got home. Graeme went to get changed and came back in my favourite pink baby-doll nightie and negligee as he looks and feels so sexy in it. We kissed, he thanked me again, I held him and caressed him, I told him he was my darling girl and to my surprise and pleasure he asked if he could call me daddy as that would add a new dimension to our relationship, and he would like me to call him Jenny.
So, that night Jenny and her daddy went to bed, I adored her calling me daddy as we made love and Graeme loves being called Jenny, he says that it makes him feel completely feminine.
I am so lucky and so in love.

Mar 31, 2020

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  • You are so lucky, take good care of Jenny as she obviously cares for you and what you do together. Don't worry about these ignorant morons who post abuse, just make love and enjoy.

  • #youlyingshit

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