My husband is my former foster-dad

When I was about 10 years old, my mom was a crack-head and she had a crack-head boyfriend who was dealing crack out of the duplex we were all living in. They got busted and thrown in jail and I got thrown into foster-care. At first, there weren't enough foster-care homes so I got thrown into an orphanage. That place was a h***-hole! Then I started getting bounced around from foster-care home to foster-care home, most of them sucked but they were better than the orphanage. Most of foster-care homes were just scammers who would take in foster kids just to get a check from the state for a while and then, when they got sick of us, they would tell the state to come get us and back to the orphanage we went until they could they could find us another foster-care home. CPS (Child Protective Services) was really crappy! They were supposed to make sure foster kids ended up with good people, but they would just leave us with whoever was willing to keep us, for the most part, with VERY MINIMAL background check. I ended up in some really crappy homes in some pretty bad neighborhoods. But then, when I was 14, I got placed in the really nice neighborhood with this guy and his "fiance" named Bill and Kate. The story I got was, since this was, pretty much, a family environment (because supposedly these folks were about to be married), they were fit to take in a foster kid. So I moved in with them and the set-up was real nice. I had my own room with a tv in it. But that first night, when Bill was laying down the "house rules" for me, I knew they were scammers. He kept saying stuff like, "While your here..." and "Just follow the rules for the time you're here...". I could tell he didn't want me to stay long. Plus, as it turned out, Kate was not his fiance'. Just his girlfriend. And she didn't even live there. They were just faking out CPS, which is easy to do because CPS almost never does any follow-up. And, if they do, you can tell them anything and they'll believe, as long as you keep foster-kids out of their hair. Anyway, after about 2 months, Bill and Kate had broken up and I could sort of tell he was about to tell CPS to come get me and take me back to the orphanage. But I REALLY didn't want to go back to the orphanage. So, I seduced him. That wasn't too hard to do. When I was 14, I was a very developed girl. I'm Mexican so, since I was about 11, I have always had a curvy, really developed body. And he didn't have a girlfriend, anymore. He was in his bedroom, one night, watching television and I went in and asked him if he was about to send be back to the orphanage, soon. He turned off the tv and said yes. I told him I really didn't want to go back to the orphanage. He said he was sorry but that's just the way it had to be. I just had on a night-shirt and panties, so I took off my night-shirt and jumped on top of him and just started kissing him on his lips and on his face and just saying, "Please don't send me back, I'll do anything you want. If you let me stay, I'll give you anything you want" and all this other stuff. At first he was like, "What are you doing, get off me!" Then he started kissing me back and squeezing my b******. Long story short, we made love. He didn't know I had never done it before so he was a little freaked when he broke me in and by the blood and by my tears (I cried, a little) He was like, "I'm you first?" and I nodded. He looked really stunned and started to get off the bed but I pulled him back and said I wanted to keep going. And we did. He never sent me back. We continued having s**, ALOT. If fact, we ended up falling in love. Anytime CPS visited, we just made like everything was peach-keen. And it was. When I was 15, he got me pregnant. When I turned 16, I legally emancipated from foster-care. I also gave birth to our beautiful son. And after I turned 18, we were married. I'm 20, now, and very happy. But nobody knows the truth about how we became a couple. And nobody ever will. Here's to happy accidents.

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  • Wow..I was a foster care caseworker years ago, and, knew two of the older girls I had on my caseload had a thing for me..That went beyond the usual "only stable male I can count on" thing that most foster care kids have with their casemanagers... One girl in particular, I'll be honest..Was tough for me to continue resisting and think of as only one of my cases; She was older, very beautiful, tanned skin, light blue eyes, just a bad run in life...And notably sexually active long before I had the case.

    "Melissa" didn't get along with women, and, if didn't like the foster home, would accuse the men of hitting on her, causing myself or my boss to say, move her out. Every time I did, I took Melissa for lunch, at increasingly better places..No fast food crap. I took that girl to decent restaurants. Almost like a date.

    Luckily, I caught myself and stopped before it got to the point of s**..Or losing my job, or worse..Legal action. Until she turned 18, anyway, which wasn't far off.

    When she was released from the system, I still checked up on her and paid her visits at home. Those became much more social..male-female, than our previous caseworker-foster kid dealings. I'd hug her goodbye all the time, and we did, on occasion, trade a few liplocks (but this was after she was legal and 18).. I was only in my mid-20s, myself, so not like I was some creepy old guy having at the hot young girl.

  • HOT! You go girl! What girl would turn down a 15 year old?

  • wow; thats kind of a messed up story. but at least it has a happy ending. you were probably forced to grow up faster than you should of; so in a way i can see this as ok.

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