Mother inlaw

I been married 10 years at the time
I was 30 my mother in law was 45
She was babysitting for us. At our house
My wife works 3p to 11p
I worked 7a to 4 p
So when i get home she would leave.
Every day though we talked some.
One day she was sore from something when i walked in she was telling me she pulled something in her back.
so i went behind her she was setting at kitchen table and started rubbing her shoulders.
She relaxed
After about 10 minutes she thanked me small talk and she left.
Now I always thought my mother in-law was hot.
Slim average figure smaller t*** and cute a sexy cute.
The next day she was at table and she said there is my back rubbing guy.
So long story short i rubed her shoulders but couldn’t do her whole back so i had her lay on floor.
Nothing sexual my boys were setting there watching tv 6&9
So she took pillow and lied on living room floor
On he belly.
I set on my knees beside her.then straddling her legs because it made it easier
She lived it.
Doing so accidentally on hook her bra.
She said nothing i just felt it. I rubbed some more then put my hands on her waist and slide my hands under her shirt and rubbing her back.i could feel her heat coming off her. Her skin was like silk.
I was slowly get aroused more.
After a few minutes she made an excuse and hurried out. Lol bra still unhooked.
The next day i got home she smiled at me and patted her back she was setting up on the couch.
So i sat beside her and she turned sideways and i started rubbing bra Unhooked maybe not be accidental this time. After a min i slide behind her and with her setting in edge if couch i work on her back.
My hands go under and after a bit ever so slightly moving around to sides i can feel the slight edge of her t***. After a bit she said its about time she goes.
This time i said whats the hurry mike(my father in law is at work why go home alone?
So she relaxed and leaned back alittle against me. The boys dont pay attention ti this nothing unusual. But my heart was racing. Not being able to rub her back like this my hands on her side just under shirt i lean back and she goes with her between my legs was uncomfortable leaning back so I slide my hands down and pulled her up on my lap.
Now if your looking im setting up she’s setting back on my chest. Not one word was being said.
And we sat there watching tv with the boys.
My hands back under her shirt slowly slide around to her front.i can smell her hair.
I think this is so wrong.
I kiss her head. After a minute or two my hands move up and I’m touching the bottom of her
T***. Slowly her bra lose i cup both.
I crossed the line.
But i did not care. Her nipples were hard i felt her shudder and her breathing increased some.
She said I better go and got up my hands slipped out of shirt.
No i said.
The boys not paying any attention i take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Turn around and kiss her no words.
I slide her shirt up and off between kissing.we were naked i get on her and in her
When we climax together it was the longest hardest o***** i ever had.
I filled her with me. And we sunk into the mattress together .
After laying there together for a bit. We f*** 3 more times between checking on boys.
That was 2 years ago and our secret is still safe
And yes we still f***.

Jan 7, 2020

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