I caught my wife

I was maried 10 year my wife was a beautiful red head 5 foot 2 freckles on her face and chest
Nice round tight butt. Extremely sexy..
Had had a son when we got married and had full custody. Marsha my wife was at time I thought a good step mom.
I got hard every time i seen her. She gives me that s** smile. I was always worried cause guys always hit on her.
We tried to have kids of our own but she couldn’t get pregnant we found out.
I was somewhat jealous the way guys would look at her and very insecure.
I eould always keep tabs on her in directly.
Not let her know.
So on night i het off work 3 hours early.
I usually get home at 12 but i got home at 9
The bedroom light was on in guest bedroom in basement we don’t use that room often walking up to house past window it was just a ground level i Saw Marsha in her robe walk in room. For some reason i stop and get down on my knees and peek in.
She was letting her hair down in the mirror i was curious why she was doing it in there our bedroom was upstairs. She was making herself sexy opened her robe some and i could see she had on black lace bra and panties.
She goes to door and yells for my son he is just a little shorter than her now and he is in his pjs.
She shuts the door when he comes in.
I have no clue what im looking at i kinda go numb. She tells him to get undressed.
I about get up to go inst nut something stop me.
My son is grinning like he knew they did this before.
She took off her robe I’m stunned
Long story short
I watch her lie down and pulled my son on her and they were f******.
I snaped out of it when i heard her whimpering she was coming and telling my son to fill her p**** with his load.
It was over quick and she licked him off and kissed him.
I called to police right then.
I still can’t get that image out of my head.
Its been 20 years
My son won’t talk to me.

Jan 8, 2020

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  • I'm a widow, and have no man in my life. Last week, I caught my daughter fu cking her 13-year-old son. I rubbed myself crazy just watching them. Hearing her scream as he spunked up her is something I'll never forget.

  • I, too, am a widow, and my 14-year-old grandson often makes me scream as I feel his hard co ck spunking off up me. At that age, he can come up to five times in one evening, and my ravaged cu nt is often sore for several days after our love session together. His mother, my daughter, lets him visit me twice a week. The rest of the time, she uses him for her own satisfaction, even though she is now eight months pregnant with his baby.

  • Wow I’m jealous. Your wife sounds incredible.

    You are such a d*** for ruining your son’s education. There is nothing better than a hot milf with a burning bush

    You should have told your wife. I saw you with junior. I’m the man in this house and I’m going to f*** you so hard you will never forget it.

  • Well I was like you work night my wife was 30 I was 54 my two son were 22 and 26 and hot one night early stunt round nd elk away we had a power cut found all three in bed wife getting her ass and f**** f*** by them my ex wife sitting on her face

  • Wow! What a lucky woman!

  • Called the police? I call bullshit. If true, then you're an idiot, and your son is right to cut you out of his life.

  • I dint do it to her my son did it to her but I heard after that a lot of his friends did it to her too.

  • Why did you call the police?? I used to have s** with my mum loads. I can't believe you did that to your wife.

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