Fun with the lad nextdoor

For years my husband treated me like crap hit me controlled what i could wear and who i spoke to and had enough and kicked him out around that time i the lad nextdoor seen i was upset and i told him everything he ended up coming round more often went on for months one morning it was raining so i offered him a lift 20 minute drive when i dropped him of he put his hand on my leg and called me fit and i should show people that was sweet of him to say without telling him i went to pick him after school and felt jealous when i seen him chatting to a girl driving home i had to do something and told him if he wanted to come round the back door would be unlocked just let yourself in as i might be in the shower at home i didn't dry myself off just put on my robe on and it stuck to me all soaked heard him shut the door made me fill like a teen again and headed down to him nipples hard no way he wasn't going to notice when he seen me said see you are fit was hoping it would just happen but had to work on it i asked wouldn't you like a gf so you can have s** i knew at that point i had him moved my hand up his leg and asked if he wanted to go upstairs he knew what was going to happen next,my mates tell me i need to find someone but i can't tell them im f****** a 16 year old school lad people would be disgusted with it.

Jan 22, 2020

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  • U talk s***,just another p****,u below

  • You’re the same 14 year old homeschooled girl with the 1st grade education and 6year old cousin plays football on same team with the 20 year old that didn’t have anything to do with you one night when another cousin brother on the same team would have.

  • My husband has all ways been good to me and id never cheated on him till i was 48 and that was with an 18 year old id seen grow up next door to us who all ways had a smile for me and said little things that made me feel good about my self.We had all ways got on and id listen to the up and downs of his life and strange as it may seem he would listen to mine and unlike my husband not try to tell me what to do about them.We ended up having rushed s** but once id felt him deep inside me we were both keen for more.No one ever found out so no one got hurt.

  • Wowthatshotbetthatboytoldallhisfriendsandwillbringthemallovertofuckyougoodeverydayandeverynight.

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