Getting crowded Part 2

On Thursday I’m a nervous wreck. My fantasy was to watch her with one or two guys, not to see her destroyed in a maniacal gang-bang. So I called John and tell him we can’t do this. Not all these guys, we don’t even know all of them.

He says relax. Whew, I do. He says they got to thinking they didn’t want a big sloppy mess either. That didn’t make me feel good. He says they might not all do her. Some of the new guys might just watch this time.
Now I’m not relaxing anymore.

I tell him we have to redo this plan. I’d rather it just be him. He comes in alone and shuts the door. I tell him I just wouldn’t be comfortable in a crowded room and it would really freak her out.

He wants to know why I think that. That kind of ticks me off. I don’t want to say something I’ll regret so I can’t say anything while I’m thinking of how to say it, when he tells me she knows and it’s all right with her.

He asked me if I thought she was in the bathroom that long and that many times. I just thought she was having some personal issues. Something she ate or whatever. But he says she’d come in and sit on his lap and mingle with the guys and they’d all felt her up and the thing that p***** him off, was the last guy that came there was the first one in her mouth.
He said she was on his lap and everybody would come over and feel her up, being polite and taking turns, but the new guy walks over and just drops his pants and she didn’t even hesitate.
He said she only did it a little while then she had to get back to me, but none of them had even attempted that before. So, he tells me, she’s been ready to go all the way for a long time now. I’m the hold up, according to her. She doesn’t think I can handle it.
Boy, that really p***** me off. B**** says I can’t handle it. Well, bring it on, fellas. Strap your cement d**** on and see if she can handle it as well as I can handle watching her get destroyed.

John says he’s got it all figured out. They’ll go in chronological order, every time. Any member can relinquish his turn to whoever he wants after him, but no seconds, unless every man has tapped her or relinquishes his turn.
See you tomorrow, he says, click.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • I would luv to see pics of your wife i would send some back pls email me back

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