Overexposed Wife Paid-off

A few years ago, we were 27 when we stopped in the middle of the day at a small secluded, 8 room motel in a small rural Arkansas town during the off season.
There was a stairway in front of the window of our room going up to the room above us. The stairway was cement steps and you could see between each step.

After bringing our things in, I happened to look out the window and saw a man, maybe 40 years old, sitting on the steps in front of the room.
The curtains were open about two feet and if he turned around and If he went down or from side to side, he could see the whole bed and the area beside it.

We stopped early because we wanted to get physical and this was making me even more ready. I told my wife and she took a look. Then she looked up at me with that ornery look the little brat has and said, she would.
Just in case he hadn’t seen her before, I wanted her to go look for something in the car. It was backed in and 6 feet away from him. She went out and leaned into the hatchback. She put on a good show with her rear end twisting and turning as she reached in moving things to find something.

He started taking to her. She turned her head and twisted her body but kept her rear in good view as she talked back to him. Then she stopped beside him and talked, giving him a good view down her low cut top. She said he was nice to talk to and maybe they would see each other later. He said he hoped so. She said, me too.

I was in my underpants when she came back in and she was ready to get naked. We went to the side of the bed and she peeled her top and bra off while I pulled her shorts and undies down.
I peeked around her hip and I could see his head. Without making eye contact, I knew he was looking. She leaned forward on her hands on the bed, giving him a full frontal view of her full firm bumpers.

She lay on the bed and put her legs over my shoulders with her little feet massaging my back. I planted my face between her legs and my hands rubbed her hips and body all the way to her front bumpers where I squeezed them to show him how firm and rubbery they are.
I still tease her they are her baby fat.

As I get her close, and it doesn’t take a minute, I watch her face. She looks over at him and I see a smile spread across her face. Her hand comes up and she waves and says, “Hi”, to him. She’s looking right at him with her, ‘friendly girl’, smile when the big O hits.

Her body tenses up and her eyes open wide. Her mouth takes the shape that donny trump’s mouth is usually in. I call it her cokesucker mouth, and she makes a low slow sound that sounds like, “Ohhhhhhhhhhitsssggooooooood”!

When she can breath again and see straight, she gives him a cute little embarrassed giggle and says, “That was really good”.

We did several positions and at one time when she was on me, I even made eye contact with him and we gave each other a thumbs up.

After we showered, she really did need something from the car. She wore a see-through sleeping top to the car. It’s like a man’s long sleeve, long tailed shirt that is tinted black, and you can see right through it.

The lot was dimly lit so it wasn’t like she’d be seen from very far away and there was only one other car in the lot at the other end.
I opened the hatchback with the remote and she wore her slippers out to the car. We knew he was still sitting on the steps when she went out. He told her he wanted to tell us thanks for the best time he’s had in a long time.
The door was partly open so I could hear and see everything. She told him we had a great time, also, thanks to him.

He said that was the nicest thing she could have said to him and he said he was the owner of the motel.
He refunded our cost of the room and after taking us out to eat a wonderful steak dinner, he talked us into staying another three free nights, plus free nights anytime we want to come back.
And yes, we did reciprocate the favors. You could say my wife bent over backward to thank him.

Feb 2, 2020

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  • Awesome story! Awesome hot wife!

  • My wife is usually very conservative, but on vacation she will intentionally show off. We both get off on it.

  • Same here.

  • Is it around Eureka Springs?
    I think I’ve seen the place, just can’t remember where.

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