Best friend in bed

So for context I've been friends with this girl who I'll call Emma for 23 years. She was literally the girl next door to me. That being said nothing ever happened between us we were always just friends.

So she and I are currently 26 and she's been with her now husband for 9 years. They've only ever had s** with each other. So her husband gets the bright idea that they could each have a hall pass with someone. I found this out when her idiot husband bragged about it to us and a few other guys over drinks last week. I do want to clarify I don't think he's cheating he is just an idiot. So Emma approached me and said I was her hall pass and was I interested. She's hot and I hadn't had s** in a few months. YES I B***** WAS.

She was incredible in bed not so much in terms of technique but just the idea of finally crossing that boundary between friends and more was mind blowing. The only problem I have now is a) knowing my innocent best friend is a freak in bed and b) although I'm not really friends with her husband we do have mutual friends in common and it's hard not acting weird around him knowing his wife was recently my lover.

As much as I'd love to go again with her I don't want to intentionally ruin her marriage or my friendship with her and we are both happy respecting the implied one time nature of the hall pass. Not going to kick her out of bed if the hall pass gets extended though.

Feb 5, 2020

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