Why Trump is needed

I'm not here to speak on President Trump's moral attributes. He's a Hollywood man, he's a hustler and he's a politician. These things are known to produce immoral people. What I am here to speak on is why we need Trump. Trump is hatred on because people fear someone who speaks their mind. Our society is quickly becoming a society of followers instead of leaders. Leaders tend to do what needs to be done, often contrary to popular opinion. Followers tend to be to afraid to express their inter thoughts and therefore want to opress the thoughts of others. When Trump was elected, I was a hard core indoctrinated liberal. I was emotionally upset because someone (the media) told me I should of been. I believed Donald Trump was a racist because I heard it on TV. I really lacked emotional muturity and objective thought. The truth is Trump represents a dying breed of people. People who the elitist would rather not let have a voice. As a well known rap artist, I would be one of those people if I didn't follow my dreams and ignore what nay Sayers and those with failed drams had to say. The truth is we need to be offended. We need to know that if we don't work hard, or smart, we will fail. We need to know that our country is the only country in the world where any person of any race can become anything they desire with effort and dedication. Liberals and convertives need to love and respect each other. Police need reform. This can only be done when we work with each other. Let love be the guiding force in your life. Let hate be the motivation to find love.

Sincerely, a happy, successful, open minded individual. Namaste n*****.

Jul 23, 2020

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  • Good message, but it comes from a delusional fucktard, well known rap artist? I think not, your mommy and her bridge club don't count =)

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