Life :l

Life is so messed up for me. Here's my story

i have ocd and social anxiety

when i was in 4th grade i was aleays quiet. and for that i was bullied. one kid lets call him bob. bullied me. he always hit me and everykne laughed so i pretended to go along with it. even tjiugh it killee me inside

5th grade. 3 kids ganged up on me to beat me up and all they got was one day of detention.

6th grade. this one kid hated me i tried to be friends but he wanted to fight

7th grade a teacher tried to get me suspended for allegesly changing my grades which i proved him wrong but kept trying to suspend mr

high school. everything got better a little bit. i had more friends than usual. not cool but whatever

10th grade. idk what happened this year but i becamr alot more popular and became more outgoing

9th grdad story

. My mom beat me and kicked me out the house so I have to live with my dad(a year ago)I forgive my mom for it but I like living with the dad because his house is big. But he ticks me off too much. I live here with my brother age 13 I'm 15. And we are both in HS. But I GET NO RESPECT FROM ANYONE. For example my dad broke my brothers phone because he got angry with him. My brother got curses at him and screams at my stepmom. And he's always treated better. So dad bought him a new one. I had to pay in full for my phone. No replacements. I'm a vegetarian and get insulted for it. Everyone (except my grandmother ) tells me its a phase and I should eat meat. They ridicule me forit. Plus I mean forced to read books. I've gotten all A"s throughout school since I went to school. But if I get a 96 or something not an 100 I'm told I can do better or I didn't try hard enough. my bro gets 70"s and hes better.My dad once beat me when I was little for not picking something up. AND I SHOWED HIM I DID. I didn't get an apology he told me to stop being a baby and cry. My brother lies to get me in trouble. My stepmom is the only person who moderately respects me. But I still get disrespected. If my brother hits me,I have to ignore it. If I hit him im in trouble. it sucks because im always the bad kid. my brother says stuff behind their back and lies to get me in trouble. I was reading the bible on my phone and was yelled at for not reading. i tries to show him i was but he got mad and took my phone.

now lets talk about my relationahip.
theres this prettiesy girl i ever met. everyone told me we should date and she told me she liked me. shes smart pretty and has an awesome personality but for some reason she dates some person who (forgive me) isugly, failing, and has few friends. so you know what i tried to get over her. but she does things to get me jealous. i want to feel happy for her so i try to pretend to br happy.

i can never be happy. i pretend to smile but deep inside i hurts. it hurts to bad. if i had three wishes id with for

1 no.soxial anxiety
2 no ocd
3 happieness

Jul 31, 2012

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  • omg im like tht im always getting in trouble but dont do anything but im a girl and I im the middle child :S

  • look, lets' just skip to the cure ok? Go to youtube: search for "eft tapping anxiety"...see ya

  • You may want to add wish # 4:

    Proper Spelling & Grammar

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!

  • Lol

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