Coronavirus: not a bad thing

Not sure why the h*** everyone is in a big hurry to find a cure for coronavirus. We need to thin out the world population by at least 50% anyway, and especially in China. I mean, they are dirty people, so it doesn’t surprise me this whole mess started there, but let’s look at the situation as a glass half full please.

If anything it’s time to make sure this thing spreads big time and not even worry about treating people.

Feb 27, 2020

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  • We finally get the global pandemic we deserve, and it doesn't kill only the morons among us. Well, thanks a lot Covid!

  • That's what I call racism

  • It has now become pandemic, almost at your doorstep. Before it gets you or you get it, have plenty of s** with every body - young and old, black and white, gay/les and straight, 234 - all-some, b******, bdsm, sdm anything you wish before the end of the world. Church cannot save you.

  • This is just plain silly ... dont believe the scare mongering they do to keep everyone in line ... there is plenty of room on earth for everyone ... as with all those people that spout this stuff it is all fine as long as it is not them.

  • Fingers crossed that you’ll be among the 50% that dies

  • I agree. The population of the world is too high. Nature knows it. The world is warming up to be too uncomfortable for humans. Gayness has become OK and that's because nature knows we don't need to breed.

  • I never had kids and don't want much from life. When my time comes, I'll be content.

    That can never be said for frightened, easily-triggered mopes who reflexively whimper "You first!" whenever overpopulation is brought up. Sorry to wake you up to the fact that you are not special... again.

  • Will you be happy when you’re one of the people that get it? Will you jump for joy when the hospitals are full and there are no doctors to treat you and you finally collapse and drown in your own slobbering mucus?
    I’d like to see a photo of the smile on your face when you won’t be taking up space and food that other people need.

  • I agree with you. Although, many may agree with this raging lunatic about his ignorant outlook on this horrible disease. I would say to those that do, would you volunteer to contract the disease? No? I didn't think so....selfish and ignorant!

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