My wife made me and our two sons fat. And I was in on it

It all started about 3 years ago. At the time I regurarly visited a gym. I was nowhere near as jacked as some guys you see, but I was in really good shape. And our teen boys were also into sports. One played soccer and the other water polo, and they were just generally very active.
Now one night me and the wife were having this deep conversation and after a while she told me that since she was a little girl she always wanted the men in her family to be fat and how she thinks we all would be so much happier and more content if we were to pack on some weight and that it would make her very happy to see us be comfortable and well cared for. Eventhough this made some sense knowing that her brother and father were both big men, at the time I still didn't know what to make of it and told her that I needed time to think. After a while though I came to the conclusion that maybe being more forgiving when it comes to diet and exercise is not the end of the world. So I told her that as long as we don't force this on the boys I am okay with giving it a shot, but things could revert back into normal anytime if I see fit. She happily aggreed.
It wasn't very sudden or extreme. She started making bigger and richer meals. Soda and snacks appeared in our home. You bet the boys developed a liking to the soda and snacks very quickly. And since there was an abundance of those they basically could have however much they wanted. It didn't take longer than a few weeks until I started seeing them taking a whole package up to their rooms to eat.
I gotta admit, it felt nice to not care how much I ate, and since my wife is a really good cook, I found myself overeating quite often actually. And I really liked the gym time as just freetime. So I started going less and less and soon stopped going completely. The consequences first hit me about 2 or 3 months in. One morning I almost couldn't button my pants. And then I realised that I was actually putting on fat. My stomach was flabbier, I had starting love handles, my chest was puffier too. And it somehow felt... exciting? I don't know, like I was doing something forbidden.
After that I kind of started doing it on purpose. I also got a kick out of being a bad role model for my sons. I would eat tons in front of them. I started having seconds even thirds sometimes after a while. I started being shirtless around the house a lot more too. I wanted my wife and kids to see that Dad was getting fat. They would joke about how I was starting to jiggle or when I was grunting after a large meal because I was too full. And I would always say something like yeah I don't care about the gym anymore or that the food is just so good that it's worth it.
And all my bad influence was rubbing off on them. They both became quite greedy and sedentary not even a year in. And it was showing. They were on the verge of being overweight by then. Both their tummies were getting quite prominent and overall they looked less sporty. Now in water polo a little extra poundage can actually be your advantage, but the younger one was quickly getting too slow and lazy on the soccer field. He was warned multiple times to lose weight but eventually they removed him from the team. He wasn't really sad about it either. Not long after that the older quit his team on his own accord saying that he just didn't care anymore.
All three of us were actually getting quite fat. It was very surreal but not unpleasant. My wife of course was very happy with these developements and she couldn't keep her hands off me. Our s** life was the best it has ever been. (Still is)
I always felt that the boys quitting sports was a turning point. After that both were gaining weight steadily. But since all of us were, it felt kind of normal. And a lot of other things became normal too. Like burping after or during a big meal or wearing unbuttoned pants. After a while it was hard to tell that any of us were ever athletic. I became very lazy and sluggish.
Since my wife maintained her weight she was the one getting all the questions from family friends about why we were getting so fat. But that stopped too eventually once everyone got used to the new us.
Three years after that conversation, last week my doctor told me that I am well into obese territory. I didn't want to tell him that the weight he read off the scale was probably off, since I was very full at the time. The boys gotten pretty big too. They are actually obese themselves, but they seem to be okay with it. But if I ever saw them being unhappy with themselves I would help them with their weight loss efforts.

I am quite ashamed of what I had let happen. Yet I am kind of not. For one thing, my wife was right. I do feel happy and content. And the boys seem to be too.

Mar 1, 2020

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  • Any updates? I'd love to see where you ended up. Trying to do this to my husband now

  • Bet with the crazy past year or so the wife's been keeping you extremely well fed. How's that been for you? How much do you weigh now?

  • Hope you're doing well and still enjoy being well feed and fat

  • How're things going these days with the lockdowns? How much do you weigh? I'm sure your wife is keeping you extremely well fed lol

  • Disgusting

  • Are you still gaining weight? How much do you weigh currently?

  • About how much do you weigh now? What's your pants size?

  • Don't feel bad. Me and my little brother got fat after our parents divorced. Up until then we were quite active and sporty. I was 13 and he was 11 at the time. We stayed with our mom, but she took the divorce harder than she let on and she coped by spoiling us. I guess she felt the need to conpensate "losing" our father, even if we still saw him like every two weeks. Basically overnight we went from a healthy normal diet to huge portions with seconds and dessert, a constant flow of snacks, regular visits to fast food places. I remember we both were so bloated and uncomfortable for weeks when this started. It didn't matter if you had enough, Mom would insist that you had just a little bit more, until sometimes you were painfully full. But after a while we sort of got used to it and started enjoying eating so much. Of course eating enough for two grown men at every meal isn't really needed for an 11-year-old, or even for a 13-year-old for that matter. :D So we rapidly started gaining weight. But instead of being sad, we found it funny. Being stupid kids, we used to jiggle our new soft tummies as a joke, or would push each other's belly after a meal to make him burp or fart. It was the most hilarious thing for some reason. And as we got fatter, we always found new ways to be entertained by our weight gain. We would try to out-eat each other and such. I'm now 18 and weigh 154 kilos, my brother is 16 and weighs around 135 kilos. I think you can say we are fat :D But we don't mind it. It's very cozy being this big :)
    What I'm trying to get at is, that probably your sons had a similar experience. I think if they didn't enjoy being fat at least a little bit, they wouldn't have let themselves go so willingly.

  • What is the best part about letting go

  • Does your wife enjoy touching and playing with your belly?

  • She does actually, haha. She casually touches my belly all the time. Or she likes to caress my belly as we cuddle on the couch after dinner and such. She always says how much more comfortable I am now than when I was fit.

  • Cuddling with a big man and his belly is so nice!

  • Have any of you ever eaten so much you had trouble standing up?

  • It certainly happens sometimes haha. Especially during the holidays or big family gatherings. But one place where you can always count on at least one of us overdoing it is this buffet type place we visit on special occasions. Man, the food is so good there, you only notice you've had too much when it is already too late.

  • Sounds good! A man should eat however much he wants. I'm glad you guys have the opportunity to do so.
    It sounds to me you went through drastic changes in your lifestyle and appearance too. Do you have any funny or embarassing stories regarding your weight gain and new habits?

  • There have been a few haha. We constantly have to remind the boys not to burp loudly at restaurants. I guess if you don't have to care about your manners at home, it's easy to forget elsewhere too. And with the pace they eat nowadays it's unavoidable to get some air in their belly. But still...
    Outgrowing clothes have resulted in some funny situations too. When you are progressively getting fatter for three years, it really isn't that uncommon to pop a button for example. Or at least when you try to wear every piece of clothing for as long as you can it isn't. I also had old friends not recognize me, one time even when I was with my wife.

  • Out of curiosity, how big around are you in the waist/belly, and what sort of a gut do you have? Is it just a big ball of flab, or does it hang?

  • I never really measure myself that way, so I don't really know.
    Because I stopped working out years ago and since became very sedentary and lazy when it comes to phisycal activity, I must've lost a lot of muscle mass I used to have. Maybe that's why I have soft fat. I think you can still see that I have a good build. I mean I used to be quite athletic. But my belly does hang and I have quite the manboobs too if I do say so myself haha

  • It's nice to read that you are having such a comfortable life! Did your sons pick up any "fat guy" habits as they got fatter?

  • Oh, we all have I guess, haha. I just had to think a bit, because you don't really realize it unless you actively compare your habits to how you used to be.
    I already mentioned that they are pretty lazy. Of course they still help their mom and me out if asked, but they really like to just sit around and relax.
    They are messier too. They snack a lot, and they leave the empty packages all around. Their rooms are filled with empty packages and soda bottles, which I am not too happy about. But I know all too well how hard it is to will yourself off the couch and clean up after a filling snack, so I don't bug them about it that much.
    Ever since the older got his first car 2 years ago, they drive everywhere, no matter the distance. I used to nag them to at least keep their car clean, but then the wife pointed out to me that I don't keep my car as neat as I used to either. It was one of those funny moments when you actually realize that things have changed. I always kept the interior of my car pristine, it's not dirty now per se, but there is definitly some fast food garbage lying around.
    Oh they eat a lot of fast food now. We started having a little after practice meal when they were still in their sports teams and I guess it stuck.
    They are a lot more gassier. It's like an old stereotype, but it's true. The wife's cooking is very greasy now so that doesn't help, but man those boys can get bloated after a big meal! But then again, I am too haha.
    I don't know, those were some that came to mind.

  • How old are your kids? Also, how much does your wife weigh? It's remarkable to me that she managed to maintain her weight as the rest of the family gained

  • They are 17 and 18 now.
    Yeah my wife was always careful with her diet. I think maybe she is around 125, I'm not entirely sure though.

  • That's awesome! I hope more and more men will have the opportunity to let go and get fat in the future!

  • That sounds like a nice life to live. How much do you weigh currently?

  • It is :) I was 336 a couple days ago.

  • Do you plan on gaining even more weight?

  • I'm not really planning it anymore. It just happens. Especially these past few weeks with the isolation going on. The wife has been keeping us very well fed.

  • How did you and your wife meet?

  • We've known each other since we were quite young actually. We had mutual friends. Why?

  • Was just curious. I see now that there seem to be quite alot of women into spoiling and fattening up their boyfriends/husbands. I would like such a loving relationship like that some day, and was just asking around to see if there might be some sort of pattern or similarity between how these relationships came to be.

    Glad you're enjoying yourself man, sounds like you have a very happy life!

  • I see. I'm sorry I cannot give you some ultimate wisdom, man. I didn't plan my life to turn out this way either, it just sort of happened. Though I must say I feel very lucky to have such a woman as my wife. I am glad I don't have to care about my weight, because I don't think it would be possible for me to return to my old self at this point. And I wouldn't want to either. I never knew how satisfying it is to eat until you are completely full. Sometimes it's hard to breath even but it puts a smile on my face. And I'm very happy that my boys are enjoying themselves just as much.

  • Ah, alright. Well thanks anyway for telling your story. Glad that you're happy being big and fat for your wife! I'll just keep looking for a potential spouse that's into cooking.

  • Yeah, that is a good indicator of a woman, who doesn't mind a man with good appetite. Good luck!

  • Happy wife, happy life! Even though it is just my wife and I, I enjoy walking around with a shirt too. Gives her more time to tease me and point out all the jiggling. She loves it when I'm full and laying there with a bloated belly. And as I grow, when I bump into things that normally I would be able to just walk by.

  • My wife finds the jiggling cute too. And my whole body jiggles a lot these days, haha.
    There is something very freeing about being shirtless, despite being very much obese now. I used to mow the lawn and take out the trash shirtless when I was fit, why shouldn't I be able to do the same just because I'm fat? So I still do many things shirtless around the house, it just takes more time now. :)
    So you are getting fatter too? How much weight have you gained?

  • Then i'm not the only one whose overfeeding my boys. I only started around the holidays last year. I really liked seeing them overeat for some reason and i've been spoiling them ever since. The hubby is starting to really soften up, but the boys are getting quite pudgy too. I love cooking for them.

  • My wife tells me something similar too. She says she enjoys seeing us eat well. And we've been eating very well these past years, haha.
    Your family must be enjoying the good food you put in front of them too. Good for them :)

  • I like to starve my gf. Sometimes she feints from hunger.

  • Dude it's fine. Similar thing happened to us. Once the wife realised she actually liked cooking she started cooking these hefty meals. And they were amazing. You bet my and the kid's fitness took a nosedive not long after. I fell into the habit of overeating too and I found that I always needed more food to fill me up. So I grew. Gained like 80 pounds in a year. And I feel heavy too. But our lifestyle changed so much that it doesn't really bother me that much. The son put on about 65 pounds as an early freshman 15. That boy is a bottomless pit. I never would've thought he would ever get fat, as he was always so careful with his diet when he was playing basketball. But that is what good food does to a man.

  • I know what you mean. And "heavy" is a good way to describe the feeling. I hate stairs now. But smaller things have become a bit more difficult too. Like, I don't sit up in bed anymore, rather I roll to the side, or how it takes extra effort to get off the couch. When I'm after a big meal I don't even bother.
    Yeah I was surprised too how quickly the boys took to eating good and being less active. I guess it's just a more comfortable and easier way to be.

  • If you want to be a fat blimp, go for it! I did and its great. Leave the kids out if it though dude. Not cool.

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