I'm in love with 700lb woman

I've been with my current girlfriend for almost a year now. She is 26 years old gorgeous and she is everything I always wanted in a woman and much more. She is also over 700lbs and she looks amazing. Our ** life is phenomenal abd we love each other madly...I personally love that she is so big but she has been trying to lose weight for our wedding which is coming up in April of 2022. Unfortunately she has failed miserably at any attemp at losing weight and has even gained about 20 lbs in the process. She has even gone so far as to see a bariatric surgeon but was told that she was too large and needed to lose 100 pounds before they would even consider her for surgery. Unfortunately try as she may, she could not do it and actually gained weight. The truth is that I'm actually happy about it as I love her as big as possible. I want to be supportive but at this time, I don't see the need for her to lose weight. She has almost no health issues other than mildly high BP which is kept under control with a minor application of meds. Compared to other people her size, she is the picture of health which in itself is remarkable...Now comes the guilty part...I've been secretly jacking up the calories in her diet by planning higher calorie meals, adding butter, cheese and frying more of her food. I told her hundreds if not thousands of times that I think she is the most beautiful most wonderful girl in the world and I wouldn’t change her for all the tea in China. I've told her that I did not care how big she got and I would be proud to marry her even if she had to be wheeled down the isle on a flatbed by the wedding party like a big white wonderful parade float. As you can imagine she wasn't happy about that and is threatening to break off the wedding unless I help her lose sone weight... I feel awful about because I love her so much and only want to keep her happy... I'm really not understanding the issue because food makes her happy, being loved makes her happy and I am providing both and then some. I don't know what to do because it's almost like she doesn't know what she really wants out of life and I'm not going to support a path that in the long run, will lead to not just mine but her unhappiness as well.

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  • Oh man, I would kill for a wife like yours. Mine is fat (about 250) but she is always trying to lose weight and hates the fact that she is chubby. I want a wife that doesn't give a ** about how fat she is and just wants to eat constantly.

  • Hopefully you kept feeding her like a great ** pig... It's what she really wants anyway.

  • The OP probably has a big insurance policy of his enormous bride.... 😆. That's the only way a sane person could rationalize this crazy **.

  • You can't insure a 700lb fatty. No insurance company will take that risk. They will be rejected because the policy rate would be off the chart. More likely is he just loves the fat pig. It's not exactly uncommon for a fatty phucker to feed their woman into oblivion and then cry when her heart gives out prematurely. Too each their own.

  • Is she still a huge fatty-fatty-boomba-latty or did she lose weight? Hopefully she lost some as she may live longer but with a pork lover/feeder like you I doubt she lost anything except years off her life.

  • Jesus what a perverted hog farmer.

  • Get that big whale on "My 600Lb Life" Maybe Dr. Now can get her down to a more human size. Because right now she isn't going to live very long.

  • Did she lose any weight or was she a big fat bride? No offense I think all brides are beautiful, even the big fat ones but 700lbs is a bit much.

  • No she didn't lose much, maybe 20lbs which is a drop in the bucket for a fatty her size. She was a beautiful bride, 702lbs of gorgeous flesh draped in white lace. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and she just ate none stop 24/7 for 10 straight days and gained most of what she had lost back again. Hottest most amazing thing I've ever seen. Now I'm working on getting her pregnant. Can't wait to see how big she gets.

  • Go for it bro. Someone has to take care of these ginormous hamplanets.

  • Did you knock up that whale yet? Will she have to calve her baby in the water?

  • That is so incredibly hot. Fat girls who don't give a ** how fat they are, are hot as **, especially if they have a pretty face and a good personality. I would kill for a woman like that.

  • Don't do it dude. A pregnancy for a woman that fat is an almost certain disaster. Even if you manage to knock her up she will never carry to term and may even die in the process. Put her on a diet and get her down to a manageable size before you do anything dumb like that.

  • Sound advice.

  • You're killing that girl and you should be ashamed of your weird fat fetish.

  • My wife wants to become the fattest women in the world... Does your fiancé have any advice or tips that my wife could use for becoming super fat?

  • Make her eat lots of carbs. When she thinks that she can't possibly fit more food into her gut....FEED her more. She'll gain like crazy.

  • I've been taking your advice and so far she has gained over 40 pounds... Thanks. Her stomach has expanded noticeably and she can eat way more than when she started.

  • Excellent. Keep up the good work.

  • Keep feeding her. She's going to die anyway. Sorry but that is the truth. So enjoy your massively obese ** while you can. You'll likely be a widower within 5 years.

  • Everyone dies but not many of us got to choose how or enjoy doing it.

  • Eating yourself into an early grave is not a good death. It's disgusting and shows off a pig's lack of discipline and self respect.

  • No death is a "good" death, you dunce. BUT we can chose how and why we die and if our life makes us happy. Obviously this guy loves his big fat woman and his piggy bride loves to eat. So who are you to judge?

  • I don't think anyone is judging. They're just stating what most of us already know. A 700lb land whale isn't long for this world. She will eat herself to death in short order.

  • Just let her lose some weight. She's a fat pig and will gain it back anyway.

  • Let her lose the weight. Her life depends on it. You should be supportive of her efforts to better herself.

  • If you truely love that girl you will help her lose as much weight as possible. She is so fat that it's amazing that she hasn't keeled over with a massive coronary blast brought on by clogged arteries and diabetes. Do it know because she doesn't haven't got much time.

  • 700lbs???? I've heard of fatty ** and I even know one or two but 700lbs is insane. That's not even in the realm of human anymore. It's just so wrong and even moreso that you are trying to stop her from losing weight.... You are a sick freak.

  • Jesus, dude. Have some self respect. Get rid of the landwhale and find a women that hasn't sold her soul for a Ring Ding.

  • Just feed her. She's going to die soon anyway.

  • Just knock the whale up. She'll forget all about losing weight.


  • Help her lose a little weight and once you are married Just feed and fatten her like the prize hog that she is. I'll bet she could hit 1000lbs and you can put her on the internet and in the record books.

  • Don't let her lose an ounce. She's already ruined and well past the point of no return... If she loses weight you will have a whole other set of problems like tons of loose skin and surgery to correct it. It will leave horrible scars all over her body much like the Frankenstein monster.

    Fatten her up some more and put her in a counry fair as an attraction. At least you might get a little extra coin out of having a monstrously obese beast for a wife. You can use the money toward funeral expenses. You'll need it.

  • You're probably correct. At 700lbs the fat disgusting ** is probably already at deaths door and doesn't even know it.

  • You're a dangerous feeder and your fat pig girlfriend is a dumbass greedy feedee. You're going to fatten her until she dies (which won't be long) and she will be too stupid and glutted with food to realize what's happening until it's too late. Then she will wail and cry and gasp for breath as she begs for help from medical professionals that won't be able to do a ** thing to reverse the damage you two fools have wrought on her body. You're a monster and your dopey gross fiance is nothing more than your prey. You two deserve each other.

  • Help her lose some weight she will adore you for it. Then when she tires of the restricted diet and it going to happen, help her regain it all plus.... You'll be in fatty phucker heaven with more hot female pork than you will know what to do with.

  • Are you insane?

  • A better question is why do you give a **? So you can wag your ** stained fingers and feel superior?

  • 3 things
    1: You need therapy
    2: Why?
    3: Leave

  • You need therapy so you can stop sticking you idiotic opinion where it doesn't belong.

  • This is sick and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to love this woman and all you are doing is killing her.... You are a loser and unfortunately your fat girlfriend is probably too desperate to kick you to the curb. A 700 pound person needs medical intervention and some weirdo with a fat fetish.

  • You don't know anything about the people in this confession so just STFU... I love how you retards all spew the brainwashed party line regarding health, obesity and relationships... You probably don't have the first clue about the subject, just a head full of canned, anti-fat, propaganda that you gleaned from being socially conditioned to hate on anything that doesn't flow with your contrived narrative.

  • 700lbs is perverse.

  • Nothing wrong with a super fat wife or girlfriend... Help her lose a few pounds now and then just feed her after you are married until she is too fat to move.

  • Oh man, I'm so jealous 700lbs of woman. I'd agree with the dude below. My girlfriend was 480 when we met, she knew from the beginning I loved her being fat & she was happy with that as well. With some help from she was 538 when I proposed. But she too wanted to loose some weight to walk down the isle, which I understood, but wasn't that happy about. But I love her so much I actually helped her diet, walking etc. She did loose weight getting down to almost 450 & she was content with that.
    It wasn't long after the wedding, that the walks stopped, the diet wasn't as strict & she was putting on some weight. She asked if I'd prefer her to get back to the size she was, of course I did. 2 & bit yrs later, with lockdowns, working from home, she is heavier than ever, 572 & I'm making sure gains more.

  • Keep feeding your morbidly obese ** but make sure you have a good medical and life insurance policy on her. That's what I did. I'm working on my second big fatty now and thinking about early retirement. These big fat ** sure are stupid.

  • You finessed that to perfection. Please continue to share

  • Thank you. I buried one 800 pounder and I'm working on a 600 pounder right now. It's not easy especially if you let yourself get attached...These ** feedees are really stupid and hopelessly addicted to food. Once they get too big to have ** with, all they do is eat and that's when you know the end is near. All you do is just keep feeding them and feeding them like you are fattening a hog. It's amazing how big they can get. I made 1.5 mill on the last one after expenses and I'm making about 8 percent on investment annually...I stand to make another 2 mill on the next. Once that happens I'm out and it's off to the Yucatan, my condo, my boat and retirement.

  • Good for you. You're actually doing society and the gluttonous hamplanets a favor by feeding them into oblivion. Deep down that's exacy what they want, just food, food, food until they bust so why not make a buck or 2 in the process. Excellent usresources. and resoures.

  • I should have thought of doing this before my big fat wife went over the 400 pound mark. Now no one will insure her without me paying a fortune. I can't stand the fat ** anymore but divorce will ruin me financially as well. If only I had the foresight to invest in her gluttony when she was smaller. Because now I would be feeding the fat pig non-stop and waiting for her fat smothered heart to go...POP💥! And then I would be on easy street. Oh well, live and learn.

  • I'm hoping my situation goes the same way. I have to have my ** wife... I don't care if others see it as weird or selfish. I have a right to be happy. I'm hoping her and I can strike some common ground. I know she hates dieting. It's like torture for her. I also sympathize with her wanting to be satisfied with how she looks in her wedding gown, so I have no choice but to help her lose. I just don't want her to get carried away with idea of weight-loss. I'm afraid she will waste her time trying, fail and get frustrated like she did in the past. Then she will be very unhappy on our big day and I don't want that either. So it's a difficult situation.

  • You're a selfish **. You're going to kill that girl just so you can deed your sick fetish. That is no way to build a lasting relationship.

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