Very True Love

Confession sounds like a guilty thing but mine is a "jump through the roof happy and satisfied thing." I'm 66 she is 71 and we live four doors from each other on the same street. We're both active and healthy, as well as financially independent. Her husband ditched her 22 years ago. My wife was taken by cancer 12 years ago. We don't have shame, secrecy, or family issues. We have each other in open honesty and reality.

Yes we make love; frequently. Yes we explore and talk about what turns us on and love to please each other. Yes we are supportive and helpful in all the tasks life brings. I don't seek attention but it is obvious to the neighbors what we have and apparently it is considered "cute" that we are "boyfriend and girlfriend." Oh boy, young people love that kind of baloney! But hey, they are positive and caring neighbors who are part of our happy life. They'll be older one day too and I wish them the best.

I know you want some naughty tidbits so here goes: today I brought over some daffodils from my flower beds and a couple lattes as well. She greeted me in a silky robe and very cute slippers. We sipped our latte, talked of life and then she let the robe slip off her shoulders. She knows how much I miss classy women in pantyhose so that is all that was under the robe! She had also carefully snipped the crotch panel out to give me access! Four hours later we were two happy and loving people. She says young people treat s** like an Olympic event, whereas we prefer it to be a sensuous slow dance (Ok, I did take one V*****). She is easy to love and we are so comfortably happy I just wanted to share the story. I want to salute the beautiful woman in my life. I want to say that life is a frantic, achievement oriented thing but I would not trade what I have, even if I could have eternal youth. I close with an old quote, "Youth is wasted on the young!" Thanks.

I just love the mutual support, kindness and realistic love that exists between us.

Mar 13, 2020

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  • I bet she stinks down there

  • Obviously, you are accustomed to skanks or mongrels... maybe even chinks.

  • Be happy with her for the rest of your life. What else could be more blessed?

  • Goodness is a great reward. Bless you!

  • Great latte and great s**? You are my new hero and leading man!! A role model for men everywhere!

  • This is beautiful. Bless you.

  • Thanks for this. I need more patience and confidence in relationships and you gave me hope that maybe a great man is out there for me too. Love should not be hard work. I want what you two have. You are an inspiration.

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