Mother in Law checking it out - so I played along

My mother in law is always looking at me "funny". I've caught her several times looking directly at my bulge. A couple times we locked eyes which would make her know I knew! It didn't bother me and I didn't say anything to my wife, but it made me wonder if she was just dazing off or if she was meaning to check it out?

One occasion I was outside on my phone sitting on my steps. She had her dog over and was walking across the street to a spot with dirt and grass so the dog could do its business.
At the time I was wearing baggy shorts, no underwear. For whatever reason I was semi aroused and felt my c*** falling out of the sides, just enough in view, but not sticking out. As I had it - an accidental flashing I guess.

So, there I am on my phone .. I was looking at p*** and felt my semi erect c*** go full on. I moved my body to the side so now my c*** fell out and in plain view by how I had my legs and body positioned.
From the side view I could see her looking over. I kept on my phone pretending not to notice as she continued to look ... and look. The poor dog wanted to get onto the grass, but she was fixated and just stood there looking. That's when I looked up. She was smiling and waved? I waved back and continued on my phone. I could have sworn I heard her say "Ohhh my God" and her mouth was almost wide open in disbelief. She then VERY slowly walked her dog to the back of my yard every now and again looking over at me. Just before going towards the side of the house which would be out of view, I saw her stop. I opened my legs a bit and could feel my d*** bounce as I did so. Playfully I did this a few times knowing my hard c*** bounced back and forth in my shorts. I quickly looked over to make sure she was still looking and low and behold there she was. She quickly looked at something at the side of the house and pretended to rub something off the house? LOL. Then she walked out of view.

Minutes later when I saw her inside while my wife and her were talking. My wife asked me something and noticed her Mom looking again at my crotch.
I guess it's sort of a game now. She is still with her husband, but he's quite old and as she said to me "That thing hasn't worked in years". That was a conversation about her getting lucky one night when she came over with a new hair style. So, I know she isn't getting any so maybe this excites her to see a c*** that can get hard?

She's actually coming over this weekend. I might put on those shorts again.

Sep 10, 2020

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  • Tear her ass up and make your wife watch you f*** her momma

  • Act on the urge if you want. But don't be surprised when your destroy the life you started.

  • She's obviously interested and ready for some action. As long as you can trust her not to tell your wife, you should slip it into her. She'll be so grateful and ever so responsive.
    If you want her she'll be right there on tap when ever you want it.
    I had an oldet woman when i was in my 20's and can tell you as a fact that they are always eager to have a younger guy even when they go off s** with their husbands.

  • She ask me to come down to her place on weekends when she needs help for her household chores. She is in her mid-40s, single, a little plump but with gorgeous looks. We now have s** - she loves hard f**** and we have nice dinner after that.

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