True confession

I've had the opportunity to have s** with many women over the years but the greatest and best s** I ever had was when I had s** with two ladies who didn't want to. One was 84 years old and my bosses mother and the other was a girl jogging on New Years Eve during a blizzard. The old lady was incredible she was so tight and wet that I came deep inside of her within seconds. At first she didn't relax but when I was eating her out she started to have an o***** and pushed her hips up into my face so hard I couldn't breathe. After that she allowed me to do anything and everything to her and she never told anyone about it.
The jogger never stopped fighting me but I was able to get her to c** even though she seemed like she wasn't enjoying it.

Mar 28, 2020

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  • You sound like a classy guy. (this is sarcasm)

  • I really appreciate your honesty because I had s** with my neighbors daughter when she was very young. I was having s** with her older sister and the younger sister would always spy on us. So one day I was by the pool and she was at the window on the second floor of her house and I could see her checked me out. I pulled my shorts to the side and started to j*** off and I could see she had her hand between her legs. I made like I was going inside but I went around the house and into her garage door up the stairs to the room she was in. I walked into the room and she had nothing on from the waist down and her fingers deep inside of her v*****. I cleared my throat and she turned around really fast and tried to cover herself. I took her by the arm to the floor opened up her legs pulled down my shorts and pushed into her hard and fast. She was so tight and soaking wet. I pounded into her hard fast and deep until I came inside of her. I asked her isn't that what you wanted and she just shook her head. I told her whenever she wants to have s** to just tell me.

  • You describe rape as an "opportunity to have s**?" I've heard that happens in prison. Perhaps you should be there. Perhaps with a three hundred pound cellmate.

  • Raping is not a joke a******. You should be raped yourself. Look out at night. I am coming for you.

  • I can't wait

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