Surprise at an old peoples home

My grandma is 84 and she lives in a old peoples home near to where I live. They do a lot to keep the old people amused and as I did know from some talks and phonecalls one of the highlights for a lot of residents is the visit from shelter employees. The come to the home 1 or 2 times a months and the bring dogs or sometimes even cats to play with or just to pet them.

I came to visit the day and already the Lady at the entrance told me, it was animal shelter day and that sie is sorry. but my grandma is just visited by one of the girls with her dog. And I should not disturb then. She offered me a free coffee and said I could wait down the floor in the meeting room.

I did so and had my coffee but no one came. So I went to my grandma's room, to look what took so long with hugging and petting a dog. What I got was the shock of my life. I opened the door to my grandma's room and I could look straight to her bed. I looked on the back of a big dog, who was on someone that layed with the upper body on the bed and with the knees on the ground. And the dog worked all he could give to the one below him.

I should have known, but I was even surprised, the one below him was my grandma. She looked naked and had only a blanket on her upper back, because of the claws on the frontpaws of the dog. And my grandma was moaning and gasped under what the dog did with her. There was Woman, who mitght have been the owner of the dog and she apologized the I had to see this.

She told me that even old people need and want s**. Years ago they offered the inbstitution to visit with some dogs to be petted from the old people and from then it had escaleted to now visiting the mostly old women in their rooms and have s** with them Some wanted to do it active like j*** the dog off or being licked or even suck the dog off, and some, like my grandma, wanted to be f***** because she was missing it so much.

All the time she told me all this I watched my grandma being f***** by this large dog. Ehen the dog stopped f******, the Girl told me, that we might have to wait about 20 Minutes to half an hour, because dogs have something called the Knot and the can't pull out until it shrinks. She told me that the home does not want to make it public what happened during this visitations in the room. So it's just a open secret among the residents here.

For my grandma it seemed not to be very emberassing. when the dog was done and jumped down she thanked the girl and she and the dog left. My grandma put a robe on and she in that moment looked younger and happier than at my last visit. And she was not shy. having red cheeks she told me that she loved these dogs and she wished, the would come more often to the home.

I'm from germany and have heard this from a resident. I don't know if this does happen in other countries too. I would love to hear about.

Apr 7, 2020

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  • God bless the fuhrer

  • I am from the United States, here that would be animal abuse I'm pretty sure. Having o****** is right for your health in so many ways. To each their own. If it makes her happy and they allow it.

  • I would love to visit your grandma while she is “petting “ the dog!!! It must be nice to see all the love she receives.

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