I threw up when I saw a transgender at Disney world

It was in magic kingdom. A man with a beard wearing make up and booty shorts. I fell ill upon seeing it. My girlfriend had to hold my head as I threw up outside the gift shop. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her it was something I ate. I had to lie to her. I couldn’t expose her fragile, feminine heart to such horrors. I didn’t want her to know such monsters existed.

I still have nightmares about this.

Apr 25, 2020

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  • Don't blame you at all. Disney and other woketard organizations have gone out of their way to cater to these amoral freaks. This is especially heinous in place like Disney as very young childern are exposed to this kind of mental illness and social deviance.

  • That’s pretty funny

  • Can you imagine his d*** 6 inches deep in your ass as he releases his load? Your two sweaty bodies pressed against each other as he tongues your ear.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm yes I love getting it in the ass

  • Your bloodline is weak

  • I throw up every time I see a filthy piece of s*** like you, nasty unchristian cis s***.

  • I'm sorry you got sick, man. It's hard to be around that s***, and I wish people would have more respect for people by not dressing that way. Now that image is probably burned into your memory forever. Have you seen someone for PTSD?

  • Still not as bad as seeing nasty, fat losers like you who pretend to be some army loser, spreading covid and crying about haircuts and golf when we know you dont have a patriotic or Christian bone in your body.

  • Who gives a s*** they probably find you repulsive too

  • I'm trying to work this out. Transgender as in Female to male?

    If I was male to female, you'd have no chance. They look my girly than girls.

  • Yeah....... Just reading your report made me nauseated as well. I wish you had killed it.

  • Same here...... It needs killing.

  • Yawning

  • That's pretty disrespectful bro

  • STFU.

    Any response other than "OMG I'M IN LOVE W/ HER ALREADY I WANT TO WORSHIP HER BEARD WHAT A BRAVE SOUL" and you fools lose what little minds you have. You'd be much more respected if you didn't always act like a 13 year old girl the day before her period. You know what a period is, right?

  • Dumb ass idiot I'm the original poster and I thought he was yawning at my story.

  • How much "respect" do those things deserve?

  • N - O - N- E.

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