My coworker.

I thing my female coworker is comming on to me.
Shes always close to me, bending over and showing me her large butt. She talkes flirty with me and things like that.

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  • You are in trouble. Get out while you can. You been warned

  • I would watch out she could be setting you and the company up for a sexual harassment lawsuit. You lose your job and she gets money. Go to HR and report her.

  • Another Harvey Weinstein and bill cosby

  • She obviously wants you in that butt. She's offering that butt. Take it!

  • She did it again today. i grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze. Turns out she liked i alot.

  • Of course she did..... She a Ho!!!

  • Delicious! I'm so glad you just went for it. Soon, you'll be tappin that nasty ads . . . . AND LOVING IT!!

  • Wake up

  • Wake up and smell her butt!!!!

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