Mike Pence

Mike Pence is an even bigger idiot than his boss. I really didn't think that was possible, but it's patently true.

Apr 29, 2020

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  • In your dreams. Every dummycrat only wishes he were the amazing and wonderful Donald Trump. Really nothing dumber than an ignorant, uninformed, commie, pinko, left wing useless A-Hole


    Choke to death on your own hatred, little boy. Lest someone do the choking for you.

  • He is a total figgler.

  • I get your point, but I'm not sure I can agree. I think it would be impossible to be a bigger idiot than Donald John Trump. He's the G.O.A.T.

  • Ohhhhhh, hope you brought some Condoms.

  • For what??? !??

  • This has to come from a far left socialist democrat who has deranged Trump syndrome. Like most snowflakes you sound like a stone a******.

  • Yeah, it couldn't possibly come from anywhere else. Donnie boy alienates everyone who doesn't suck up to him, including Fox News on a regular basis. He just called a bunch of Republicans "losers" because they want to do things differently from him. The guy is plainly an emotional backbirth, men aged 70+ conducting themselves like tween girls is only funny on bad sitcoms.

  • Wake up, loony. Most Republicans feel the same way. Plus, many Demcrats will vote for him just to see him complete the destruction of the Republican Party.

  • You are truly ignorant

  • Stupid people vote for stupid people with money. That's the only reason we even know his name.

  • And Pence is sucking trump's d*** ON TV!!

  • Maybe

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