Finding my Father

I'm 14, and right before the pandemic my parents had a messy divorce. My mother was 100% in the wrong. She would come home drunk, screaming at us, hitting Dad in front of us. I will never forget when I walked by my parents room, seeing my dad sobbing, looking at an old photo album from when we were little.

Eventually, Dad left. He packed two bags and left with no notice. The night before, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on my head and said that he loves me no matter what. His lawyer in divorse court faught for him to not have visitation rights of my sister and I. He sends child support checks from a po box, or else I have no idea where he is. He sent my twin sister and I each a card on our birthdays but my mother took them and put them in the paper shredder.

A few days after he left, my mom destroyed all of the pictures he had with him in it. I managed to hide a few and keep them at a friends house for safe keeping. I wish I could go live with him. I wish my mom ran away.

The moment I graduate high school, I'm getting out of here and finding my dad to be with him. He adored me, I was daddy's little girl. ** my mom.

Next Confession

Everybody in my family is white trash except me

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  • Good luck re-connecting with your Dad. Try to ask his lawyer if s/he can facilitate a reunion. Write a letter to Dad, and ask the attorney to get it to Dad. Keep trying!

  • He clearly just wanted to bounce. Hopefully one day I can find him and say that I'm on his side. My kids will not call my mom grandma, but they will call my dad grandpa.

  • Why did your mother end up having custody of your sister and yourself? It's self-evident from what you've stated, that your mother is an unfit parent. Did your mother's lawyer ask your sister and yourself, what you've witnessed at home when your parents were together? Did they ask you both, how you actually felt about the situation and which parent you want to live with?

  • Mom occasionally screams at us, but almost all of the abuse was towards him. He knows that my sister and I are assertive and can stand up for ourselves.

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