I feel guilty

A couple months ago I took my 13 yr old son to the doctor for a check up. The doctor told me he is under weight, but I don't consider 112lb to be dangerously thin. He told me I needed to make my son gain weight, it would be the best thing for him health wise, so hearing that I agree. Because any father would want the best for his children. I started feeding him fattening food telling him to eat everything on his plate or he won't leave the dinner table. The usual things. He started to get lazier, he's on the football team at his elementary school so the weight melted off. Then he started not going to practice I had to deal with the coach telling me about the importance of practicing. He started to get a slight bulge in his midsection unnoticeable really. A couple weeks later the bulge turned into a two months pregnant looking belly. He stopped wearing pants or shorts that had buttons or zippers, he just wore sweat pants. He quit the football team and thats when the laziness settled in. He barely went outside with his friends, never played sports. All his shirts got tight and showed the outlines of his bulging stomachs. His thighs got thicker. After three months he stopped going outside unless I couldn't drive him to and from school, I had to buy him new clothes. He went from 112lbs to 124lbs in three months. I told the doctor and he said to keep feeding him until he gets to 150lbs which I found odd but you know doctor's orders. He got greedy when eating often taking plate full's not leaving enough for his sister who is his same age and kept making fun of him. His belly started looking like it was four months pregnant, his arms were flabby his thighs thick and his entire body just got fattened day by day. I only ordered out food because it was the most fattening. He reached 132lbs so I decided to stop feeding him so much food,but he kept eating large quantities of food. After a few weeks the doctor said it was okay for him to stop gaining weight. I just feel horrible I took my slim fit and athletic son and turned him into a fat lazy slob. He continues to gain weight and eats bigger quantities of food. Should I feel guilty? I've been trying to get him to lose weight but it's impossible any advice?


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  • The whole thing is: doctors don't actually know much about nutrition, they just simply don't get a lot of education on it.

  • That doctor is a quack and you should file a complaint with the licensing board in your state. Try to get your son into healthy eating again.

  • He need to eat a proper diet. Not fattening foods. You gain weight on good protein, starches, and vegetables. Not sugary, greasy processed food.

  • You need a different doctor.

  • Well, just feel the guilt and write it out and sort through it and Analyse it, write out the why, when, who, where and what and how of it all. the should of, could of, would of, if then but answers. write it all out and then look at it from a distance like a friend or other person like a pastor would objectively and for all the negatives write a positive and meet the feelings and issues in between and then burn it and let it go.

    there are some things in this world worth feeling healthy guilt about and others not worth thinking about.

    I can't understand why people place so much guilt waste time on things and if you are religious pray and ask for forgiveness. that is all any human can do. if you really feel so guilty if its that bad go dob yourself in down at your local cop station and do time for it.

  • Weight is interesting.

    I starve my long term gf. I like her skinny. Each day she has to weigh herself and text me her weight. She hasn't had a period in a couple of years..

  • Why would you do that? That's really bad, like N*** concentration camp bad, that's what happened to the girls there, they didn't get their period.

  • You haven't read got a girlfriend though, have you

  • I remember you. Still an idiot I see.

  • I'd love to meet

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