Here we go

So, I'm a minor but I have a lot of sexual fantasies and I want to like, say the ones I can think of atm bc I just can't talk about them with my friends;

• I really love getting my hair pulled and my arms and legs being restrained.
• I think I might be a bit of a m******** because I really love being roughly man-handled and spanked.
• I love the idea of deepthroating and getting my face f*****.
• The idea of being f***** forcibly by an older man makes me shudder and I feel ashamed but the shame just makes me more into it...
• This ones really weird but I also like to be in control sometimes? I like the thrill of teasing someone bigger than me and them not being able to do anything about it but whimper and plead for sexual satisfaction. Sorry, it's really weird ahh.
• Dressing up in really cute clothes just for them to get ripped off of my body and ruined with c**. I'm so embarrassedddd.
• I've never done it, but I've always wanted to try riding someone. It just sounds really hot and dirty. Just the idea of being naked and bouncing up and down on an older man's d*** really turns me on.

Oh my gosh, I did it. Ok umm, well I really just want to know if anyone else is into them so i don't feel so weird about it.

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  • No just a old sick bald headed man in his mommy's basement

  • Im not tho? Id never actually do any of these things, i just wanted to get them off my mind in some way

  • Spot on

  • Snapchat halestormlove92

  • You are not a minor.

  • Im not? wait wdym im not?

  • Great you know a pedophile when you see them, congrats

  • When you see their sick disgusting posts tell them off.

  • I’m also a minor and I have pretty much the same fantasies, so just know you’re not alone, lol.

  • Ah, that's a sorta a relief tbh
    idk how but it is

  • Stop pedo

  • Oh baby talk to me. You said the magic words that made me hard, pedo. Do me please

  • How is this enjoy #RacistSickFuckingDicklessWannabePedoWhoSucksTheirShitCoveredDicksClean
    Have a nice death 👆👆👆🤢🤮

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