Scammed during a vacation on a foreign country

Probably we are never ever going back to this place ever again terrible experience.

Terrible is an understatement for what occurred to us, more specifically what happened to my significant other.

We booked the tickets for a 15 day vacation and nothing was planned, so it was spontaneous.

We were nearly halfway through the vacation and then one fine day, we came accross an over enthusiastic bloke who seemed to be very friendly.

I was aware of the consequences so we kept our distance from him. He nearly gave us company almost to the entirety of the walk and after such a long talk we assumed he was harmless and he's just trying to be friends.

He says he is a yoga trainer and we thought let's give it a shot. And to our surprise he did good and he didn't take any money from us. But by this time it was obvious that he was hitting on my wife. Even my wife was aware of that as well. We exchanged our contacts and we decided to see him tomorrow.

Although we are not the type of couple who are into this but we had decided to be more open to new experiences.

And we knew that tomorrow it's not going to stop at just the yoga exercises.

Keeping that in mind when he called us we decided to see him.

In all fairness, my wife is 53 a blonde who didn't get a lot of attention back where we lived and when this young bloke showed her some attention it is something to appreciate about.

He walked us to a place where he started with the excersize and as expected he was giving a lot of attention to my wife rather than me. He was getting handsy with her and we reached a point where he was no longer pretending to teach her and I simply sit there watching them and even I had stopped pretending too.

It didn't take long for them to start kissing and soon after that he dawned some protection and they were having a fun time.

I was actually impressed by his efforts to woo her.

Obviously we had a discussion about this even before coming to place and we thought it's ok to give it a try. My was very excited and nervous during the discussion but let's not judge her, she's a good wife.

By now he was very fond of my wife and she was also into him and I let them have a good time without bothering them much.

Eventually it was time now for us to bid farewell, but he insisted us to stay with him even more. It was already night and he wanted her to stay the night.

I thought it was better for us to back to our place rather than staying there, but my wife was also in the favour of staying over.

I wasn't feeling jealous but I tried to tell her that we better get going but he didn't let go off her hand.

So we decided to stay and unsurprisingly they were making love again and I didn't realise that I had slept.

When I woke up I realised that my wife was on the bed and he had gone out to get us breakfast.

I talked to my wife and she was elated with this experience and she further added that he had mentioned that a couple of his friends would like to join in too.

Honestly I was not sure about this since it is too much to ask for a first time, but since she was excited and she was looking forward to it, I didn't say much.

We decided that we go back to our place and freshen up a bit and get back here again.

She was so excited about all this and I thought she deserves this if this is what she wanted and likewise I helped her getting ready for her to meet these guys.

We were waiting for his message and as soon as we got a call we walked down to his place.

2 new guys waiting for her and soon enough our friend starts kissing her while the others getting closer to her.

She was having a great time with these guys and our friend walks up to me praising my wife and telling how lucky am I to be with her.

For some reason we decided to go out for a walk totally oblivious to the fact that my wife will be alone.

I have no clue but we ended up shopping for some cheap roadside t-shirts. After buying that I asked him to get back to my wife and he kept on misleading me for a while.

And even I got distracted and I was buying few more clothes and I realised that my wife is alone. It was dark by now and we finally reached the place.

I see my wife and she was exhausted laying on her stomach and there were 2 other guys there apart from the other 2 who were already there when I left.

I was surprised to see the new comers, they were significantly a lot younger than the other folks.

For reference my wife is 53 and the yoga guy was 24 and his 2 original friends were in the similar age group, but these other 2 were younger.

A few more hours passed by and they were taking turns on her and she was visibly exhausted by now, thankfully they decided to call it a day and were leaving and I noticed that they were handing him money while they were leaving.

I felt very suspicious but I didn't bother since I was busy getting her dressed up.

The next evening we had to leave this city so we were packing our bags and this guy helped us with the packing and he was back again with my wife for one last time.

He helped us get on the bus and that was it.

Later when we reached our destination my wife realised that her belly piercing had gone missing, the one that she got on her 50th birthday and she realised all the cash missing from her purse.

I instantly knew that he scammed us and stole from her.

When she called him and asked about her missing belongings he went on denying that he never had anything to do with it.

Not just that, we later found out that he took money from all the other folks to have ** with her and one of them reached out to my wife through Instagram and he paid the amount equivalent to $20 to that guy and they were not friends.

The most shocking part is that the guy who reached out to her was 16 and he said he spent all the money he ever had to reach to her.

She blocked the guy on Instagram but now she is completely devastated by what happened.

She feels violated and she doesn't want to reach out to the police.

22 days

Next Confession

I think I might have miscarried

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  • I’d GB her for $20…what’s her number?

  • Well, your wife is worth $20 per person that’s it. I bet that turned her on, to be a really cheap who re to 5-6 guys in a day. You can rent her out at home too!

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