Family's Hidden Secrets Part 1

I'm the youngest in my family, and I know a little too much about my family. So, the story begins when I'm 12-13ish and I get in trouble for looking at inappropriate things on my laptop. My mom took my laptop and hid from me. One day, when she went to go get my sister for her private school an hour away, I knew had my chance. (Now I've found my laptop before, but like an idiot I told my mom that I found it, so she change the hiding spot) Anyways I go into my parents bedroom thinking I could find my laptop, play on it, clear the history, put it back, and it would be like it never happen. So I go in, and I see a nightstand with drawers, so I open the top one, and it had D*****!!! in it like WTF!!! Anyways, I quickly got out but I returned a few nights later and the d***** had moved positions, that was even worse, I haven't seen my parents in the light again. Specially seeing as there was a strap-on in there too!!! But that unfortunately isn't the worse part. so fast-forward a year. I'm fourteen and my parents are out of the house and my sister is with my mom. Anyways I go to my sister's room to get some inspiration and I see this blue thing size of a tampon(And that's what I think it is) I pull it out and it's a Vibrator!!! Huge WTF moment. Just to let you know, my sister the innocent goody two shoe type. All innuendo go over her head. So this more shocking than my parents. But yeah that the story of how I found out about my family's d*****. PS: I'm still fourteen, do y'all have any advice on how to play this out?

Jun 15, 2020

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  • No, you're NOT 14. You're a forty something geek & a waste of space & air.

  • Everyone has a s** life. It is part of life. It's ok.

  • Have an orgy with all of them

  • I suggest u stick them up ur ass

  • Advice from someone who has alot of bum fun!

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