A philosophy to live by

I am a theistic Satanist. I pray to Satan and his demons. I am not a goth or some freak looking for attention.

I pray to Satan because:
1) I strongly believe their is something out there, a sentient universe, if you will. We are the accidental outcome of that, as is all other life. The universe plays, and things (spacetime, stars, planets, people) result.
2) The Judeo-Christian tradition I grew up with makes no sense to me. Why do we have to cover our naughty bits? God would be offended. Didn't God supposedly make us in his own image? What? ** is denigrated, and we are told to aspire to the Christ-like self-sacrificing "good" stereotype.

But this is not how people live. No one that is fully realized wants to be like that. We have to meet our own needs first.

"Sin". What is "sin"? Doing something pappa Yahweh told us not to? Why? It's a childish philosophy, built on authoritarian precepts.

3) Science teaches that we are beasts, evolved but still very much a part of the natural world. THAT makes sense to me, and fits with the evidence.

4) Self-reliance, not guilt. Satan tells me that our desires and actions are fine. There is no sin. There is nothing to feel guilt over, at least in that mindless Christian sense. There are only choices and decisions. It is not "wrong" to have an affair, but it will probably hurt your partner. So you have to think about it: do I want to have ** with this person SO much that it's worth that outcome? Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the answer is yes -- maybe your relationship is on its last legs anyway. Maybe you realize you'd LIKE to be caught. But whatever the answer, YOU have to make the decision.

5) Vision of Life: Based on my visions/connections to Satan, is is an extremely life-positive religion. Life is to be enjoyed. ** is to be enjoyed. A fully realized Satanist would spend lots of time making love with people, spending time with people, encouraging them and embodying the notion that life is to be lived LARGE and ENJOYED. Science and knowledge ARE good things, but our culture has become obsessive about a lot of it -- trying to live the healthiest life imaginable, rather than the BEST life imaginable.

A fully-realized Satanist lives in the natural world, with deep love and respect for it, valuing the beauty and pleasures of nature far above most material things.

We have a very fearful society, and it's destroying our happiness. We spend a lot of time inculcating fear, and although sometimes the motives are good, the results are not. "Oh no, she smoked a cigarette!" "Oh no, I want to kiss that person of the same **! How can I cope with the shame?" "Oh no, I am curious what it would be like to..."

The point is not that you *should* smoke a cigarette, kiss that person, etc. The point is that it's up to *you* -- Satan is not glowering down at you from his space in the Cosmos. Satan delights in your pleasures, and will enjoy whatever you decide to do. So live a little. Live a lot, actually.

Now: I could have danced around attribution. I could call it "The Old Gods", and it would be just as accurate. It's not like Satan was named by his daddy -- we can call him whatever we want. But that's what Satan, Lilith, Asmodeus, and all the rest of the demons are about: LIVE A LITTLE. Be yourself. The Universe loves you. YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE.

Next Confession

Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

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  • If I become a satanist will he help me win the Lottery?

  • I don't know. Probably not. It's not a pay for play thing.

  • If you could only see how confused you are. This is not a put down. I see though you are seeking some truth and trying to make sense of this life. Keep searching you'll get there. If you believe in Satan then you believe in God. The religion you were taught was false.

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