Astral Thought Projection

I do this while m@sturbating, targeting girls I know and judging by the looks I get the day after, I'm convinced it is real, not all in my own mind. This is not simply thinking about someone and ** - the conditions must be right: no drugs or alcohol; no m@sturbation for at least three days prior; transcendal meditation in a darkened room but not a completely dark room then laying down to ** while looking over the back of the mattress to a mirror on the floor with only indirect light so the mirror gives the effect of Infinity and NO ** - only mental focus on the individual I am having astral ** with. These combined effects make for INCREDIBLE ** - I feel wave after wave of orgasmic bliss coursing throughout my body as thick jets of WHITE HOT ** spurt out of my **!!!. Recently I "did" my English teacher. The next day in class the look she gave me spoke of confusion, almost a sense of betrayal. I KNOW SHE KNOWS!!! Some people consider this a form of r@pe - I HOPE SO - so far I have "astral r@ped" almost every good looking girl in my senior class and am working my way through the ranks of the hot "**" teachers.

Next Confession

Well . . . . do we . . . ???

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  • It’s all in your head. And if they are looking at you strange, it’s because you ARE strange.

  • The looks you get is prob cos your staring at them

  • Yes........... You have transcended. You are. . . .

    O U T A S I G H T ! ! ! ! !

  • Be sure your sin will find you out....also... You think it's the way you look at them. Not the other way around. Yes people feel energy others give off. But astral projection doesn't work that way either...and yes you are more likely "dancing with the devil".... You are being handed over to your delusion

  • Dancing with the devil... give it up.

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