My cousin molested me

I don’t remember how old I was I just know I was pretty young. I also don’t remember his age but he was my cousin and he molested me when I was young. Once he was on his computer and me and my cousins were gathered around him and after he played his game everyone left and I was about to leave but he grabbed me and I panicked and kicked him and he let me go. That was the first time he ever grabbed me, besides when he would grab me and pick me up in games like hide in seek. Other times he would “tickle me” in my lower region. I remember another time I slept over at his house, because my parents were going somewhere and I remember going to sleep on the couch and later I woke up and he was spooning me and I was squished because we were on the couch I just lied there I didn’t push him I just tried to go back to sleep. The first time I asked him what he was doing, when he would touch my lower region, he would say he was tickling me and I let him. I finally told a teacher about it in 4th grade and I talked to cops. I’m now 13 and I still see him, he has a girlfriend now. It’s like it never happened my mom acts like it was nothing. I don’t think it fair he gets to thrive while i’m not. I want him to touch me again so I can get that attention I had but I really don’t want that. I just don’t think it’s fair he gets to be happy after what he did to me after all those years.

Jan 5

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