I have several friends that work in different hospitals and each one has told the same story but all at different times. Seems that this so called virus is nothing more than a political stunt. As people reschedule their surgeries that were postponed when this all kicked off are being added to the inpatient list for the virus and the capacity in hospitals for the virus.
Also employees are being told that whoever comes into the hospitals for whatever reason that they are to automatically list it as connected to covid-19. The antibiotic test they run will show any virus someone has had over the past 6 months to claim it's covid-19. The reason is because for every case of so called covid-19 the hospital gets extra money.
So with knowing this I now get really p***** off every time I see a new report on the rise in cases when knowing that many are just for money so the real numbers are extremely inflated. Democrats are trying to keep this going to hopefully get Trump out of office and playing with peoples lives. Now I don't agree with everything Trump does or says but it is a no brainer that he has brought on a strong economy when Obama claimed it would never come bad without a magic wand.
Biden can't even remember who his wife is at times and is clear he has memory issues and will raise taxes on the middle class and most importantly he and the democratic party will use this pandemic for a way of means to control everyone's life. The writing is on the wall and this so called pandemic is not as bad as the numbers are being claimed.


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  • There is a media pandemic going on!
    Where is the proof and evidence this pandemic exists.
    So many people die of respiratory related illnesses and the seasonal flu every year. Does the media make a big frenzy about it!
    Wake up everyone. They are double dipping in mental health and the 'so called' covid 19 vaccine, which is still in the making. I would certainly be questioning the safety and efficacy of this S***!

  • There was a hospital in pa that got caught for faking covid 19 just to to get extra money

  • Yep. That's what they're bubbling about over on Faux news, all right. Good little parrot. Have a biscuit! *pats your head*

  • No a****** haven't watched the news (any channel) in over a month just what I am being told through trusted friends but you believe what you want

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